About Blurtopia

Blurtopia helps you to make life's little decisions. Anywhere. And, while we know you are great at making decisions on your own, we also know that life can be more fun and meaningful when those questions (we call them "Blurts") are shared with others.

When you have something on your mind, we think you should Blurt it out to the world. With Blurtopia, those Blurts spark conversation and community. And, while, we are only getting started, we think a whole bunch of conversations on Blurtopia may just add up to the kind of "Utopian" community we all wish we could be a part of.

Why Blurtopia?

There are many reasons why your fellow Blurtopians use our handy app to Blurt out what's on their minds:

It's Fun

Blurtopia can help you make decisions or can just be used to spark fun conversations on the go. Should you hang toilet paper "over" or "under"? Is pineapple on pizza delicious or a sin? And, speaking of pizza - which is better, pies from "The Big Apple" or "The Windy City"?

It's Useful

If you need some help making a quick decision, Blurtopia can help you out - What should you buy for a wedding gift? Which shoes should you wear to the party? And speaking of that party - should you bring a bottle of wine that's your favorite or one that you think the host will like best?

It's Meaningful

Great conversations are sparked by simple questions. After all, what if nobody ever asked, "Is the world flat?"

While you might not be wondering about things earth-shattering - or maybe you are - you certainly have things on your mind that can spark real dialogue that may just lead to new friends, new thoughts, and new realizations.

It's Uniting

We are always on the go these days, and so staying in touch, meeting new people and remaining connected is important. Blurtopia keeps you connected with friends, strangers... and eventually even your favorite celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc...

How Does Blurtopia Work?

It's a piece of cake (gooey, frosting-filled cake) to use Blurtopia and anybody can get Blurting in no time.

Who is Blurtopia?

We are a small team based in San Diego that likes to create great products that bring a bit of joy to our lives. We started Blurtopia after watching people try to use existing tools to make decisions with friends and get frustrated doing so. In fact, our "Aha" moment was when we were at the mall and noticed somebody trying on a stack of shoes and texting each pair of shoes with friends to get feedback. We figured there had to be a better - more useful and more fun - way to do that and we are excited that Blurtopia is just that.

Grant Bostrom
Keiran Flanigan