Pet Lover? #pets #dogs #cats
yowza blurted over 4 years
6381 answers, 100 comments
Do you love photography? #photo #photography
Mamacita blurted over 4 years
4296 answers, 32 comments
Do you reach for a cold beer or cold soda on a hot day? #beer #drinks #soda
thegaffer blurted over 4 years
3807 answers, 27 comments
Do you Snapchat?
Malina5 blurted almost 5 years
3773 answers, 44 comments
Do you wear shoes for style or comfort
Trix blurted almost 5 years
3557 answers, 14 comments
Would you rather spend the afternoon at the movies or in the garden? #movies #entertainment #garden
emmaKC blurted almost 5 years
3179 answers, 7 comments
Staycation or Vacation? #travel #vacation
claire blurted almost 5 years
3118 answers, 12 comments
Have you been to a concert in the last six months?
iplayguitar blurted almost 5 years
3061 answers, 28 comments
Celebrity Gossip? #celebrities
littleolme blurted over 4 years
2985 answers, 6 comments
HGTV or Comedy Central? #home #funny
Mamacita blurted over 4 years
2844 answers, 9 comments
Selfies? #selfies
Malina5 blurted over 4 years
2808 answers, 8 comments
Band or DJ For San Diego Venture Group's Summer Social?
SDVG blurted over 4 years
2475 answers, 29 comments
Food Network or ESPN? #food #sports
claire blurted almost 5 years
2469 answers, 7 comments
Techcrunch? #Tech
SwanseaLiam blurted over 4 years
2281 answers, 3 comments
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Blurtopia blurted over 4 years
1535 answers, 5 comments