Editorial Policy:

House Rules

We believe in and are helping to create a community that connects the world around life's little (and big) questions. Blurtopia works tirelessly to create the tools to entertain, thrill and unite fun and creative people across the planet. In order to ensure that Blurtopia remains a positive, fun and safe place to express yourself and interact, we want your help. We have put together these "House Rules" so that we can all help make Blurtopia the wonderful place it can be.

Be Kind

Blurtopia is a place to escape from mean, rude and generally sour characters. So, let's all keep things kind - treat others how you want to be treated, keep your communications nice and have fun.

Be Positive

We love debate and discourse and Blurtopia is a great place to engage in real conversations. Let's just be sure to keep things positive as we discuss life's little (and big) questions.

No Nudity, No Hate & No Profanity

There is no place for nudity, hate or profanity in Blurtopia so please keep things clean. Remember that Blurts are public by default. If you are in doubt about whether your Blurt is appropriate, keep it private by only sending to your friends.

No Spam

Spam and spammers are annoying and erode the community. So, please don't spam Blurtopia and please help us by flagging others you suspect of doing so.

Keep It Legal

Don't post blurts which show or imply dangerous or illegal acts. While we won't turn you in if you do, we do have to comply with the authorities if they contact us.

Please Help Us Build A Better Blurtopia

We want everybody to feel that Blurtopia is a community they are helping to build. So, let's all pitch in - if you see folks violating the above "House Rules", please use the flagging tools in Blurtopia to alert us.

We Take Our Responsibility Seriously

We want all Blurtopians to enjoy a positive, fun and safe experience. To ensure this happens, we reserve the right to eliminate Blurts, comments and users which intentionally violate the House Rules.