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Food Network or ESPN? #food #sports
claire blurted over 5 years
2472 answers, 8 comments
Do you watch soccer?
GrantBostrom blurted almost 6 years
513 answers, 18 comments
Tebow time in NY yet?
aeliox blurted almost 6 years
464 answers, 12 comments
Anyone gone kite surfing?
GrantBostrom blurted almost 6 years
436 answers, 9 comments
Snowboard or ski? What do you like more?
tami1519 blurted over 5 years
419 answers, 5 comments
Just asked by @SportsCenter : Do you like Notre Dame's helmets?
aeliox blurted almost 6 years
417 answers, 19 comments
Nike or Adidas?
efhatchsi blurted almost 6 years
337 answers, 8 comments
Thanksgiving: Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
pumpkinface blurted almost 6 years
328 answers, 14 comments
Who will lead there team to victory tomorrow?
armandoroman58 blurted over 5 years
313 answers, 10 comments
Will Chelsea win the Premiership this year?
thegaffer blurted almost 6 years
306 answers, 12 comments
Who do you thanks better??
COLEMAN blurted over 5 years
297 answers, 10 comments
New boots?
aeliox blurted almost 6 years
296 answers, 11 comments
Michael Jordan ... Best player of all time.
stepheastcoast blurted over 5 years
292 answers, 11 comments
Who's Cuter? English Bully or Persian Cat?
missyelopez blurted almost 6 years
265 answers, 4 comments
Porsche new or old ©
myphotogate blurted almost 6 years
247 answers, 6 comments