5 Day Lead Challenge Review 2021

When it comes to capturing new leads, Creating a Free Giveaway of items such as an ebook or a checklist happens to be one of the simplest ways to capture leads.

The people give away these giveaway items in return for a subscription to their email list. 

Nonetheless, this process happens to be an effective method, but people seem to miss the heart of the matter.

The main thing here is to pay attention to making a good relationship with the leads.

This also means that you are able to communicate with them in a better and engaging way. 

However, it is also essential that you learn how to monetize so that they can buy your product or services continuously!

That sounds like a good idea, right? This is what the 5 Day Lead Challenge is going to help you achieve.

So without further ado, let’s get going!

5 Day Lead Challenge Overview:

5 Day Lead Challenge

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is a name given to a live training series. The Host behind this 5 Day lead challenge is none other than Russell Brunsons, the Co-founder of ClickFunnels.

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is a step-by-step guide by Russell Brunson.

Through This method, Russell Brunson allows you to generate new leads for your business.

However, we must inform you that these are not your typical leads.

These will be the kinds of leads that will be thrilled to buy your products and services for you and help you make your business reach the top. 

The most recent 5-day lead challenge started and went live each day at 12.00 noon Eastern.

This was the same as 9.00 Pacific on 04 January 2020 and ended on 08 January of the same year.

As you may have noticed from the text above, the 5 Day Lead Challenge Review is about 5 days.

However, we know that you may have been looking for the price tag, but this funnel challenge happens to be totally free for anyone that wants to join!

 Other than Russell Brunson, the Co-Founder of ClickFunnels himself, the attendees will be guided by Yara Golden.

Yara Golden is a known seasonal Copywriter and an expert in storytelling.

 Last but not least, completing the Trio will be Rachel Miller. Rachel Miller is an entrepreneur who has also penned multiple books.

 5 Day Lead Challenge Coaches – Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

 As you may have noticed, we mentioned three names in the Overview section above.

These three names contribute to making the 5 days lead the challenge to offer effective results for the attendees.

In the 5 days lead the challenge, Russell Brunson will be the main face that the attendees are going to be saying.

In the 5 days lead challenge, Russell Brunson will function as the main speaker and a coach.

Throughout the whole period of 5 days to lead the challenge, Russell Brunson will be leading the entire challenge. 

Let’s talk a little about them:

1. Russell Brunson:

 Russell Brunson is a renowned sales funnel expert. He also gets his fame from being the Co-founder of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is acclaimed as the best funnel builder software company by many sales funnels experts.

Through his skillset, Russell Brunson has created the ClickFunnels and also has a lot of entrepreneurial skills.

Through his talents, Russell Brunson has also helped many businesses and entrepreneurs in their businesses. 

2. Rachel Miller:

 Rachel Miller is a 7-Figure entrepreneur who is regarded as a lifetime learner and a Serial Business Builder. 

 She is accredited for building several figures who can generate 6-figure and 7-figure revenues. Other than that, she has also penned down multiple books.

Moreover, Rachel also happens to be an expert in developing organic traffic on a sales funnel. Due to her expertise, she makes a perfect fit for the 5 day lead the challenge

 Rachel Miller has been the reason behind the exponential growth of over 50 businesses.

Rachel does that by creating a high-engagement audience for their brands.

She also does that by promoting the brand’s content to more than about 10 Million people without charging anything for advertising.

3. Yara Golden:

 Yara Golden is an expert in communication and also specializes in writing story-based emails. Due to her writing skills, the brands can better connect conversationally and engage their customers in a better way. 

In the 5 Day Lead Challenge, Yara shows the attendees the secret to getting your leads to open and go through every email you send them.

She also tells you about how to have them engage you in such a way that they have never done before.

What You’ll Learn In 5 Day Lead Challenge?

Now that we have established who the attendees will be learning from in the 5 days lead the challenge, it is time for us to find out what you will be learning once you start the 5 day lead challenge training.

 As already mentioned in the reading above, the whole learning process is broken into several steps guided in the 5 consecutive days.

Secrets To Generate Unlimited Leads:


On the beginning day of the challenge, Russell Brunson will teach about the strategies that he personally used.

He used these Strategies in his successful project, famously known as ClickFunnels.

Using these Secret tactics, you will be able to generate an infinite number of leads through the internet. As it happens, this happens to be the only lecture session of the entire training.

The rest of the 5-day challenge is primarily going to be focused on taking action to implement the things taught within the program.

Once you are through this lecture, you will be surprised to know how many unique methods you have learned that will go great with your business.

Creating Your “Onepager” Lead Magnet:

On the second day of the challenge, the users will learn about identifying and finding their dream customers.

According to the program, we can think of Dream Customers of the people that are a fan of what you’re selling and are willing to purchase from you over and over again.

Their decision to purchase from you remains unchanged regardless of how many revisions you make to your charging prices.

In the five-day lead challenge, Russell Brunson is going to help you locate your Dream customers.

In order to do that, he is going to show you the specific places. These are the place where you will be able to fish your dream customers down.

However, to find your dream customers, you must know how to build a lead magnet for personal use as it can help you capture leads effectively.

Russell Brunson is going to be showing the simplest process. He also used the same method with ClickFunnels.

The use of this Process resulted in him being able to capture more leads.

Now, in order to make a magnet funnel, you have to create a “OnePager” first. This landing page plays its role in functioning as a magnet to attract people that come to you.

This OnePager will make people or leads come to you as they simply opt to add their details like email address and contact details.

Building a OnePage in your framework is relatively simple and can be applied to your business as well.

To make you understand and develop and give you free, unrestricted access to the software.

This software will help the users create a OnePager in no time.

Lead Generation Funnel:


Once you are done making the OnePager, the next objective of the attendees must be to integrate it within a simple funnel known as Lead Squeeze Funnel.

This is the exact funnel page through which CLickFunnels has used over time to generate massive amounts of lead.

The main objective of this funnel is to make you be able to convert your dream customers into actual leads.

If you have used ClickFunnels previously, you will also receive numerous high conversion pre-made ClickFunnels without costing any additional money.

All you have to do is edit and replace the heading on the template, the logo, and the graphics.

You can also copy and also change the OnePager.

Who Is the 5 Day Lead Challenge For?

The 5 day lead challenge training makes for the right choice for many people regardless of what industry they are in.

These industries are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurs. 
  • Small Business Owners. 
  • Online Marketers. 
  • E-Commerce Store Owners 
  • Marketing Agencies 
  • Consultants 
  • Coaches Services 
  • Freelancing Business 
  • 5Selling Informational Products.

This challenge happens to be the perfect option for you if you are having a hard time generating new leads and customers for your business. 

Having said that, if you are interested in learning how to capture more leads and turning them into paying customers, the 5 Day Challenge is something that you must definitely consider.

5 Day Lead Challenge Bonuses:

5 Day Lead Challenge Bonuses

There are bonuses to participating in the 5 days lead challenge.

These benefits are as follows:


ClickFunnels is known to be one of the best options when it comes to building sales funnels.

This is so because ClickFunnels does not require a person to have any additional knowledge or skills to be able to create a sales funnel.

Through ClickFUnnels, you will be able to make different portions of your websites, such as landing pages and so many more.

List Building Software:

This is the software that is provided to the attendees during the training session.

In order to understand the functionality of this software, it is imperative that you join the program.

Review Of 5 Day Lead Challenge Pricing:

Review Of 5 Day Lead Challenge Pricing

As mentioned in the article above, The 5 Day Lead Challenge is free for the users to avail themselves.

However, the value of this program is substantial, and the live training session is going to teach you a lot of things that you can use for the benefit of your business.

This is a perfect opportunity, and opportunities must be taken once they come around.

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That was all for our 5 days lead challenge review in 2021.

We hope that you interpret how valuable this training session is, and you are excited to try it out!

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