Actionetics Review: ClickFunnels Inbuilt Autoresponder

Actionetics? Well, it is a beautifully created integrated tool that you can use with Click Funnels for betted enhancements.

If you want to know anything about Actionetics.

then you have picked the right article to read as we are going to discuss all the features and personal opinions and who is this tool created for.

By this, you will have a vivid idea that either you can use this tool or not. 

Actionetics Review – [GUIDE]


But when we talk about Actionetics you might want to gain proper knowledge before you proceed to buy this tool because it can be either great for you or it can be the worst decision for you. 

So when you are thinking of buying this tool service provided by ClickFunnels then you might want to know everything about this tool so that your investment is for good use.

Talking about the investment we are also going to discuss its pricing so don’t worry about anything you just need to sit back and stay tuned to this article till the end.

This is the criteria that this article is formed or let’s say that this is the formation of the article and topics that we are going to discuss:

  • What is Actionetics?
  • Features I Like About Actionetics
  • What I don’t like about Actionetics
  • What’s Inside Actionetics
  • Actionetics Pricing
  • Actionetics vs ActiveCampaign
  • Pros and Cons

See, I told you we are going to cover it all.

What Is Actionetics?

What is Actionetics? Well, it is the most adequate question of all time.

When you are deep in ClickFunnels then you might or known about Actionetics as it is an E-mail response that allows you with several features on point.

What is Actionetics

So that you can enhance your business and increase sales.

While that, Actionetics also help you find different markets and audience to target your sales pitch.

The main function of this tool is that when some customers or any person E-mails you, it instantly responds to them to make them feel reliable and appreciated.

This can be advantageous for both business and you because by such gesture you are making a good impression on your audience or other markets.

Now, let’s take a look at the history of this tool. It was established in 2015 as a part of the ClickFunnels Basic plan.

But now when you want to use this tool then you need to get a platinum plan of ClickFunnels and after that, you will have to buy the Etison pack of  ClickFunnels to achieve this tool.


The pricing be discussed in this article hence don’t worry about it we are going to cover it all.

The function of this is simple it collects the Emails from the senders and collects them in an organized manner.

The best thing about it is that when it collects the name of contacts in an organized way then this can send them Emails automatically with the custom inserted message.

But the thing about this tool or software is that this is a lone wolf it works perfectly alone and makes sure that you get your desired function.

As it does not work properly with WordPress or any other integrated software that allows you the same features to run this tool.

It is a lone wolf and it works alone perfectly find.

The Features I Like About Actionetics

This software offers you several features and there are some features to be liked and some are not that great.

But first, we are going to discuss the features that I liked the most about this software.

Automatic Email Segmentation With Smart List

Actionetics is no different than any other Email Responder but there is one thing that I liked the most about actionetics that is the ability of the Smart List option.

A smart list option can be extremely beneficial for most of the parts of ClickFunnels as it can be used to keep your contact list organized.

Email Segmants

And if you want to utilize this feature then you just have to turn on the Smart List option for ClickFunnels of Actionetics when you are creating a new Email List.

Now: the question is what is a smart list and what does it do?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. This is a process where actionetics adds or removes any relevant or irrelevant contacts from your email contact list.

It can be advantageous at most of the points and the correction rate is extremely well.

You just have to insert the required details so that the Smart list option can detect any relevant or irrelevant contact from your list. 

But there are a variety of sets of rules that you can use for Smart List.

These sets of rules are in your hand to work with and you will decide where to insert them and where not to.

With the help of these restrictions and rules, you can help yourself by creating a personalized Email contact list. 

Here are the most common set of rules that are used by several companies and entrepreneurs these rules are effective and efficient:

  • Contact Rules – with this rule you can match the reference of your contact according to their action score, the tags that they equip, any random contact field such as email, name, and contact info. 
  • Funnel Rules – collect the data of your Funnel and match the contact according to the use of your Funnel. 
  • Product Rules – you can match a contact according to a particular purchase.
  •  Email Step Rules – with this, you can match a contact who subscribed to your Funnel with a specific email.

Unlimited Contacts:

When you get an official Email responder then you have to choose the pricing plan according to the contact list criteria.

This can be disadvantageous because it would prioritize your contact list according to the price.

But in the case of Actionetics, you don’t have to pay for the contact limit as there is no plan dependant on these criteria.


The contact limit is unlimited that’s the thing that I like about this software.

Take ActiveCampaign yes I will talk about it later in this article but when you are using ActiveCampaign then you might have to pay according to the contacts that you establish.

This can be disadvantageous because you will be limited to the sources and if you want to increase the limit then you have to switch to its plus plan that will cost you $399/month.

You are paying a ton load of money for again higher but a limited number of contacts as you will get 25,000 contacts with ActiveCampaign’s plus plan. 

And if you want to increase the limit further then you might have to pay a large amount of money and it can reach up to thousands of dollars for unlimited contact lists.

Well, this is not the case with Actionetics as I agree the plan criteria are expensive but it is not based on the contact list.

But we will discuss the pricing of Actionetics in detail in this article so don’t worry.

All I want to say is that you can check the mark of unlimited Contact List in the case of Actionetics as you are getting this feature from the basic plan of Actionetics.

The Flexibility Of Action Funnels

An Action Funnel is a tool that is merged with Actionetics to create and form a list of Actions and set up a list of Emails to send those Actions.

Take Action Funnel as an associate of Actionetics that is used to establish a proper connection between actions and Emails.

You can send different actions through Email with this association.

Sales Funnels

When it comes to the flexibility of Action Funnel and Actionetics it is vast. As you can perform several actions and multiple tasks through this collaboration.

The integration between Action Funnel and Actionetics.

Is the best thing that can happen is you can use these two fascinating tools at once hence they can be advantageous for you and your audience because they will be getting quality of service from you?

These are the main actions that you are allowed to perform:

  • You can add contacts related to actionetics to your Facebook account so that you can target them again with the Facebook integration and Facebook ads.
  • With Twilio integration, you can send Sms to various contacts. 
  • The Shopify integration allows you to send a related description of your products to your Shopify page where the contact can fulfill the required fields in the process to buy that product.

Features I don’t Like About Actionetics


Expensive Pricing Criteria

When it comes to the pricing of Actionetics then I feel like the pricing is organized extremely expensive.

Later in this article, we are going to discuss the pricing and the offers in each plan of Actionetics.

Actionetics Pricing

As I have mentioned before that the best thing about it is the Unlimited Email Contacts

The downside of this feature is that many of the small entrepreneurs are using small Email lists for their businesses and they have to pay large amounts of money for that.

This can be disadvantageous for those who own small or new businesses. But overall the pricing of this Software is expensive and I don’t like it.

No Custom Fields Support


Custom Fields can be really handy when you want to engage with your audience.

With other Email Responders, you can add your personalized custom fields so that you make an impressive impression on them.

But with Actionetics you lose that feature as this software does not allow you to add your personalized fields in your Email for better enhancements.

In fact, you have to use the preset provided by the creators of Actionetics. 

This is the feature that I would’ve needed but with actionetics, I lose this feature. As it is said if you want to gain something you have to lose.

Same as the case with Actionetics you are gaining other features and losing features like this.

In-Depth Review Of Actionetics

Actionetics Review

Now here is an In-depth review of Actionetics and in this review, we are going to mention all the features and abilities that you are getting with this Email Responder.

There are few perks of using this Email response when you directly compare it with other Email responders. 

Thus this review will make those abilities and features crystal clear for you so that you can easily decide if you can use this Email responder or any other.

Here are the feature sand sections that are included in Actionetics.


Starting this section with the contact page because you would want to be familiar with the contact page and the design layout when you are starting fresh with Actionectics.

Contacts List

The contact page of Actionetics is user-friendly as it is standard and basic.

There is a list covered in table content that withholds all your contact with their information including their profile pictures, (if they have one).

The table is completely customizable and easy to select.

If you further dig into a particular contact then it expands and shows you their action score, their purchases, and either they have subscribed to your membership.

The worst thing about this page layout is that there is no option for deleting a contact, And deleting a contact can be a hectic job with this platform.

Email Lists

When you direct yourself to this page. This page allows you to create different email lists that you can personalize according to your data collection from different funnels.

This page can show you how to be organized in a particular manner.

Email Lists

How you can create an email list. It’s quite simple when you think about it, you just have to click on the New Email List button situated on the page.

When you do that, there will be a page pop up and on that page, you will fill out the Name, Optional group tag, and the option whether you want to make this Email list a smart list or not.

I have mentioned all the glorious details about the smart list but if you want an overview again then this list allows you to be completely automated.

It automatically adds and removes your contact depending on their use and the set of rules that you imply on it.


In this part, you can set whether you want to send Emails to your preferred customers or not.

The Broadcast allows you to do that, with this section you can set up everything that you want from personalized Email to a particular niche-oriented customer list.


What I mean by that is you can set a niche of your Email and send it to those customers who are interested in that specific niche.

It is an autoresponder time-sequence that helps you delay an Email or send it on time. Either way, it can be helpful in several operations.

With this method, you can also set a Timer on your Email so that you don’t have to remember and worry about the day and time on which the Email should be sent.

With this automated responder, you can set a time to a specific date or time and at that time your Email would be sent to your customers.

To set up this method you can follow easy steps and processes to achieve what you want. You just have to click on the New Email Broadcast button situated on that page.

When you click that button you will be directed to another page on which you will specify all the details and niche of your Email and you can even select the audience who would consider that Email according to the niche.

Action Funnel

I know we have discussed Action Funnel earlier in this article but I will explain action Funnel in detail under this heading. 

This part is the soul and heart of Actionetics. Without this part, Actionetics is of no use.

First, let me clear off all the problems that you might face while creating an Action.

sales funnel

To create an Action Funnel you just have to click on the New Action Funnel button that is situated on the page itself.

When done, there you will see a pop-up page and in that pop-up, you will fill out your Funnel name, Group tag for organization purposes, a list that associates this Funnel and STMP configuration.

Moving towards the next step you will have to create another Action Funnel and add one more step to that Funnel.

You can do that by just clicking the Add New Step button that is present on that same page.

When you click that button you will see, a pop-up page and in that pop-up page, you will have to fill in the name and set a time period when you want to activate your Action Funnel.

In the Action Funnel Step popup, you have to give your step a name and specify a time period.

And now in that process, you will have to choose between sending an Email or do an Action.

These are the main factors that were needed to cover to provide you with a better view of Actionetics.

These are the main points that you need to understand before using Actionetics, and there are furthermore explanations that you can figure out on your own.

Pricing Of Actionetics

We have discussed a brief plan of the pricing of Actionetics. But here we go again as here is a detailed review of the pricing of Actionetics.

You have to pay $297/month from the Etison suit plan that you integrate with your ClickFunnels.

Actionetics Pricing

When you directly compare this plan to another Email responder you have to connect or use 3rd party action that is STMP servers to send Emails.

There is another option when it comes to using 3rd party services such as SendGrid.

This is a free option and if you want a more detailed and more featured service then you can use the STMP web hosting feature that you already bought if you bought one.

Otherwise, you have to pay more for STMP services including payment of Actionetics.

If you want a discount on Actionetics then you might have to pay $997 and get 6 months of free Actionetics.

If you do the math correctly then the monthly payment is downsized to $167 per month and this can be effective in a positive way.

Difference Between Actionetics And ActiveCampaign

What is the difference between Actionetics and ActiveCampaign these are the head-to-head competitors of each other?

Active Campaign

The first, thing is that ActiveCampaign has a visual automation builder that is an awesome feature and it is effective and better in many ways that Actionetics can do.

Actionetics and ActiveCampaign

As I told you Actionetics does not support custom fields then this can be the best alternative to equip yourself with the feature of custom fields.

And the automation features are like CF Followup pro.

The with ActiveCampaign you can split test your Funnels and boost up your conversation.

And according to the pricing point of view ActiveCampaign is much cheaper than Actionetics.


Actionetics also does not lay behind its features, It also hides some of the tricks and hidden features up its sleeves.


Such as it is directly integrated into your ClickFunnel’s account hence you don’t have to switch between different software.

The user interface is similar to ClickFunnels hence it can be easy to use.

Pros And Cons:


  • Creating Funnels with Actionetics is easy.
  • Easy to use and can be maintained by only one person.
  • There is a Split Testing and conversion monitoring feature.
  • Ideally works to Email autoresponder.
  • Integrated with ClickFunnels.
  • There are integrations for different social media platforms.
  • You can use this not zero cost for 14 days.


  • It can be an expensive solution for Email Marketing.
  • The customer care service is not that effective and instant.


Using this can be a helpful method but as I mentioned before that you should use another Autoresponder.

If you are starting your business or having a budget problem because it is not budget-friendly and effective ion cost.

So, I recommend you start it from other responders and email marketing software and when you have gained a following and audience then you can shift to this software if you want to.

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