Anchor Text: Complete Guide for 2021 (NEW)

Search Engine Optimization is all you need for successful marketing. If you dig deep into this, then the most important element of this strategy is the anchor text.

The anchor text plays an important role to unlock the potential of the link effectively.

Anchor Text

The impact of the Google update on the anchor text must also be kept in mind.

It is because the optimization of anchor text does not have a very positive impact on the ranking of your website.

But if you implement the right tactics then you will surely have great results.

Here’s the kicker!

In this article, we will provide you a comprehensive guide on the anchor text optimization strategy.

After reading this comprehensive article, you will have a clear view of this strategy.

I am sure that you will be able to increase the ranking of your website very easily.

Firstly, we will tell you what exactly is an anchor text.

Then we will give you a short review of this optimization strategy. After that, we will provide you with all the types of anchor texts and then we will give you the best practices which you must adhere to attain the high search rankings.

So, let’s get started without further ado!!

What is Anchor Text?

First of all, let me explain what exactly an anchor text is.

Anchor Text Guide

Anchor text is a clickable and visible word or phrase that takes you to the webpage. It is basically a way to visit the webpage to get more details of that clickable word or phrase.

For example, an anchor text in HTML appears as SEO services New York. By clicking on this phrase, you will get a detailed review of the New York SEO companies which will provide you one of the best services around the globe.

This is a very convenient and reliable way to point you towards a detailed review.

So do not hesitate to visit this web page if you want to have the best SEO services.

Now, I hope that the anchor text thing is understood.

Anchor Text Optimization:

Now we have explained what anchor text exactly is. The next thing to understand is the impact of anchor text on your ranking of search engines. So now coming towards this thing.

types of anchor text

The purpose of the anchor text is to enable Google to determine that the specific webpage is about what thing and whether this webpage has some relevance with the chosen keyword. It was very easy to build a strong anchor profile and making it ranked by Google in the earlier times.

But nowadays due to the penguin update in 2012 many disruptive changes have been made which have made it a difficult task.

With the invention of this update, your search rankings will immediately collapse if the anchor text of your website doesn’t align with the chosen keywords. So this makes it difficult for many of those people who used spam to gain their search rankings.

Only the true, authentic, and those who are able to cope up with this update will succeed in improving their search rankings.

Google Penguin’s Era:

Google Penguin

There are many changes over the years in Google’s ranking algorithm. But the upgradation to the penguin update in 2012 is one of the most important changes to date.

It has been proven very best for most of the people as well as resulted in a dramatic collapse in most people ranking. The purpose of this update was to target the websites which used spam to gain their writings.

As mentioned before that it was very easy how to play with Google and to create the anchor links that match with any keyword. But the Google penguin update brought a change in everything.

With this update anchor, text may have harsh penalties which may result in the collapse of the organic rankings.

Unnatural link-building practices can damage your SEO efforts and have become a complete no-no situation.

Moreover, the updates like Panda hummingbird and penguin 4.0 brought more strength to the anchor text optimization.

these updates also brought challenges for the marketers and very great competition among them. The only marketers who cope up with these upgrades are able to get the search rankings.

Types of Anchor Text:

What is Anchor Text

Now coming towards the types of anchor text and their relevance with Google. Having knowledge of all types of anchor texts is very important.

This will make you use the right type of anchor text in the right place.

Anchor text can also be referred to as the diverse niches which you can use for creating the backlinks.

Each type of these anchor text has a specific role and is to be used specifically to avoid any penalties.

Title Tag:

This type of anchor text refers to the page title as its name specifies its purpose.

For example, if the anchor text leads you to a sales page for the About us page. The same is the case by linking to a blog post. This is called a title tag anchor text.

Exact Match:

This type of anchor text refers to the same keyword phrase that you are finding. For instance, if you want to rank the “anchor text optimization” then you have to use this exact phrase for the anchor.

Keyboard Plus Word:

This is the next type of anchor text. This combines the exact keywords that you want to rank with other phrases or words. For instance, you have to use keyword anchors such as “see wonderful dresses here” if you are trying to rank the “dress store”.

This is one of the best types of anchor text and the best thing about this is that it is versatile.

You can fit it naturally with any content. But you must keep in mind that these keyword plus word anchor words must be different and unique.

Only Part of The Keyword:

This type of anchor text does not look for the complete phrase. It only refers to the small portion of that phrase.

For example, you have to use the anchor text such as “buy wonderful dresses”, if you want to refer to any dress store.

You must also keep in mind that these anchor texts must be different and unique from the others.

Just Natural Anchor:

The next type of anchor text is just a natural anchor.

This is the type of anchor text which do not have any of the key phrases.

It consists of a simple piece of text which explains the user’s location where they are directed. It consists of words such as

“Here”, “This website” and ” At the blog”.

So these types of anchor text are known as the just natural anchors.

Brand Anchor:

As the name implies, this is the type of anchor text that clearly points toward your brand’s name. For example, uses the brand anchor of “Social Snipper“.

These are some of the most commonly used anchor texts.

Brand and Keyboard Together:

This is the type of anchor text which combines the name of the brand as well as the exact keyword or only the part of the keyword.

Let me make it clear by giving you an example. “Blogger services from Social Snipper” is one of the examples of the brand and keyword together.

It is because it indicates both the brand and the keyword as well. It is one of the most convenient types of anchor texts.

Naked URL:

the next type of anchor text is the naked URL which refers to to the anchor text which is the URL itself.

For example, is an example of the naked URL.

The next type of anchor text is the that links to the website homepage or some inner page of that website using the URL itself.

For example, “read the contents on blogger at” is an example of the anchor text is it links to the blog page of the website.

Homepage URL:

As the name implies, this type of anchor text uses the full URL of the homepage of any website.

If you click on this type of anchor text, you will directly go to the homepage of the website which you are talking about. 

Practices To Improve Your Google Search Rank:


Now we will provide you with the practices which will bring an improvement to your Google search ranking. Google always gives significance to the websites which deliver the users positive results.

It has become difficult to avoid the penalties for your website. The best practices to attain high search rankings are given below:

Ensure That Anchors are Relevant:

The relevance of the anchors to be content is one of the best practices in order to have higher search rankings. Advanced artificial intelligence technologies have made it very easy for Google to understand every aspect of the web page. It also helps it cope up with any spam or frauds. So the elements of the content matter a lot in this regard.

If your anchor is irrelevant the Google will definitely penalize you. The main focus of Google is to deliver a totally unmatched User experience so it doesn’t compromise with any relevance at any cost.

Keep Them Natural and Versatile:

Google always gives significance to the websites that provide the best results to the users. So your links must be placed in a way where users expect them to be.

Moreover, these links must provide them with valuable information. So all you have to do is to provide high-quality content with relevant links so that you may avoid the penalties for your website.

Avoid Over-Optimization:

The use of spammy and over-rich keywords is another thing on which Google doesn’t compromise. so you must try your level best to avoid the over-optimization of your anchor text.

You can do this by keeping your anchor text as natural as possible. You must try your level best to spread these anchor text across the inbound links.

Give Priority To Deep linking:

You must always focus your anchors on the pages that are above the search rankings. These include the home pages and landing pages.

You must always refer your uses to these top pages.

These are called deep-level pages. if you do not focus on this thing then you will not be appreciated by Google because the top-level pages provide the maximum and the most valuable information.

These other places which the uses need to visit so you must always direct them to these deep level pages.

Properly Position Your Anchors:

This is also one of the most important practices in order to attain a higher search ranking.

The positioning of your anchor text matters a lot. You must always find a place for your anchor text where are they capture the most attention of the users. One of the best places for these anchor texts is the first few paragraphs.

The headings and subheadings and imagery are also good for the position. You must place them where the user or the reader is most excited while reading your content.

Wrapping it all Up!

With this, a comprehensive guide to the anchor text comes to an end. I have provided you all the necessary guidance on each and every topic.

It is a matter of great pleasure for us that you have spared your precious time reading this article.

And I hope that you have learned a lot from this article as everything is described in a very simple and organized manner.

Our topmost priority is your total satisfaction and I am sure that this article provides you that.

Our aim is to provide you guidance and to make you understand completely the anchor text.

So if you want to attain higher search rankings then you must follow our guidance.

We would be happy if we become the reason for your success.

Yet, if any ambiguity is still left, you should not hesitate and immediately ask us.

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