11 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives [2021]

If you’re looking for the best Clickfunnels alternatives, then you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, we will give you the 11 best Clickfunnels alternatives which will give you an affordable option and work equally the same.

Clickfunnels is one of the most expensive software available in the market, so many people tend to find its alternative.

We will make this job very easy for you in this article.

Moreover, people also come towards the Clickfunnels alternatives because it has some restrictions like page load speed and lack of CRM functionality.

Here’s the kicker!

First of all, let me give you a brief overview of the Clickfunnels if you aren’t well aware of it.

What is ClickFunnels?


If you create a sales funnel from scratch it will consume an immense time. Here come the Clickfunnels.

It is the all-in-one online marketing platform whose strength lies in its functional richness.

This online marketing platform allows all the types of advanced funnels like automated webinar funnel, product launch funnels, membership website funnels, squeeze page funnels, and many more.

Moreover, it offers many funnel templates while remaining very easy to handle and offering an intuitive editor to customize the pages.

The ultimate goal of this platform is to boost your profits by converting more and more traffic and generating leads.

It helps you to sell your product, service, or message to the world without requiring any technical skills.

All you must know is how to use this system the right way and you will earn huge success.

This platform is worth investment but many people try to find its alternative due to many reasons.

Getting the right Clickfunnels alternatives is not as easy as it seems as it involves examining the right landing page software.

We will help you to decide which alternative is best for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

11 Best ClickFunnels Alternative:

ClickFunnels Alternative

Here is a list of the 11 best alternatives that will drive you crazy and are worth the replacement.

1. Builderall:


This is one of the most preferred Clickfunnels alternatives due to its low cost.

It is extremely affordable and offers the same functionality as the Clickfunnels, but there are many other important details to consider.

First of all, the main focus of builderall is to build web pages and websites whereas Clickfunnels main focus is on sales funnel building.

So for that, if you are a beginner or a digital marketer, then builderall is probably one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives for you.

Coming towards the second point, many people think that builderall lack the polishing of Clickfunnels. The reason behind this is that it is not yet as mature as Clickfunnels and it is cheaper as well.

But if you require a simple tool to make basic sales pages and sales funnel then it’s a good choice for the starters.

It provides all the basics including the lead management analytics to check out the functionality and whatnot.

Moreover, you do not have to spend the extra money on buying the email marketing automation software as it offers you its email marketing service.

The other worth considering fact is that it has five membership plans to choose from and one of them is completely free.

It is because most of the other alternatives offer you 3 priced plans which sometimes force you to buy the expensive plan.

After all, the cheaper one lacks the features which you require. So you must at least give this one a try. I am sure that you will like it.


  • Affordable
  • 5 plans
  • Free trial
  • A good option for starters


  • Not as polished as Clickfunnels

2. Leadpages:


The next is the leadpages which is one of the oldest landing page solutions and one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives available in the market.

We have placed it in the list of the 11 best Clickfunnels alternatives because of its highly polished set of tools with which you work.

The main focus of this is to build the landing pages. The most liked thing about this is that it has to land page builders. One is for the new users and the other is for skilled marketers.

Moreover, its basic editor is very simple to work and the advanced editor provides you more tools and requires more skills.

It is also very affordable and has over 40 integrations so you can easily find what you are looking for.

The other wonderful feature of this Clickfunnels alternative is that it gives you access to a huge number of templates to choose from.

Moreover, you can also create your ones. The only downside of this platform is that it doesn’t give you an integrated email automation software like the builder.

You have to buy it separately.


  • Affordable
  • A huge number of templates
  • Dedicated page builders


  • Doesn’t have built-in email automation

3. Convertri:


The next is the convertri which is considered one of the most well-optimized pieces of software and one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives available in the market.

It is famous for optimizations like minifying codes or setting up HTML for you.

This is a landing page builder that allows free form editing. it means that it allows you to place the page elements wherever you want.

This click funnels alternative is not like the typical page builders where you have a limited number of positions to work.

Moreover, its funnel building functionality is very nice and convenient. It has over more than 400 templates.


  • Fast landing pages
  • Extremely versatile
  • 400 templates


  • Limited functionality
  • Only one plan available

4. Instapage:


Instapage is considered one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives because of its perfect sales funnel building and landing pages.

This alternative is famous for its advanced customization functionality with over 200 templates.

Moreover, it helps you to visualize the visitor behavior by offering the landing page heat maps which are a very valuable tool for the sales funnel optimization.

Its pricing is a bit high. To be precise, its base plan is pricier than the Clickfunnels base plan.

Moreover, its functionality is also limited as of the lead pages and you will not get the integrated marketing automation or affiliate management tools.


  • Excellent landing page
  • Landing page heat maps
  • Fast load times
  • 200 templates


  • 200 template with two plans available

5. Kartra:


This is also considered one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives as it offers you all the key features which you need to build an eCommerce website, sales funnel builder sales page builder video tools, and many other things.

You will get all the essentials on this platform. Although it’s sales funnel builder is not as flexible as in Clickfunnels, I am sure it will satisfy you.

The most favorite thing about this platform is that you can create the rule-based sales funnel which can get the website visitors.

You can get unlimited access to things like product listings team members’ email bandwidths with its silver plan, which is the second cheapest kartra plan.

The most significant feature of this is that it has an integrated affiliate management software unlike the instapage and the leadpages.

It means that you won’t have to purchase a third-party tool if you want to run the affiliate campaigns. It doesn’t offer any free trials but gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Shoaib you are looking for great software to build the membership and e-commerce websites then you must surely consider this one.


  • Marketing and e-commerce functionality
  • Integrated affiliate management tools
  • Unlimited emails and other things


  • No free trials available

6. InfluencerSoft:


It is a recently released Clickfunnels alternative. According to our opinion, it still requires some polishing as it is new in the market but a good option for the starters.

It is all one marketing tool with E-Commerce functionality. The best thing about this platform is that its main focus is on the sales funnel building.

Moreover, it also makes sure that your page is looking pretty on mobile devices. It helps you to teach and track the progress through the advanced webinars and course functionalities.

One thing you must keep in mind that it offers you volatile pricing. It means that its pricing keeps on changing.

The other worth mentioning thing is that it only offered Paypal and Stripe for the payments which make the user very limited to payment options.

On the other hand, the Clickfunnels provide you almost 27 different payment gateways, providing its users a great versatility.

You must surely consider this product as this is listed among the best Clickfunnels alternatives.  


  • Lifetime access
  • All in one marketing tool
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced webinars


  • Expensive
  • Offers only two payment options

7. Simvoly:


If you are looking for fresh and very inexpensive Clickfunnels alternatives then you must give this one a try.

Although it is not as polished as the Clickfunnels I am sure that with some time it will become perfect and what is the option to consider especially if you do not require the scalability of the Clickfunnels and you are out of budget.

This Clickfunnels alternative gives you all the key features for page building sales funnel building E-Commerce custom checkout and many other things.

Its pricing starts at $12 monthly which makes it a great choice for the beginners and small business owners.

Moreover, it also offers you f4 plans to choose from, which increases its flexibility and versatility.

The only thing which it lacks is that it has a limit of only one funnel, and it also doesn’t have the built-in email automation or affiliate management tools so you have to buy them separately.

This platform offers you a free 14 day trial with no credit cards so I strongly suggest you give this platform or shot.


  • Cheap plans
  • 14-day free trial
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Can be white-labeled


  • Needs more time for polishing

8. SamCart:


It is a great Clickfunnels alternative if you are looking to build a membership and e-commerce website.

This platform is considered one of the most intuitive shopping cart platforms in the world.

So if you are a beginner then you must surely give this one a try. It offers you one of the cheapest plans which are pretty pocket friendly.

With these plans, you can gain access to almost all things like CRM integrations, advanced reports, multiple payment options for buyers, white labeling, and many more.

Moreover, it also offers a 14-day free trial you can confidently opt for.

The only drawback of this platform is that its potential is only uncovered at the higher membership sites which makes you limited to the pricier plans.

it cannot compete with the Clickfunnels in terms of the landing pages but it must be given a try at least.


  • Affordable
  • Has white labeling
  • Affiliate management tools
  • Allows membership and e-commerce website creation


  • The starter plan lacks some key features.

9. Unbounce:


The next is the Unbounce which is, well, non-landing page builder software and one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives.

This is used by very large companies such as the New York times and Vimeo.

So it is not a software for the beginners but is specially designed for those who are digital business owners who want to have numerous traffic.

It offers you many wonderful features. It offers you up to 75 landing pages which provide you almost 500 thousand of monthly traffic and unlimited domains.

The business owners which are less established should probably look for some other software because it is designed for very highly established business owners.

Moreover, this software allows you to publish dozens and even hundreds of landing pages. It also offers you fast loading speed with AMP and many more. It gives you advanced stats and smart traffic.

With all this it doesn’t fully replace the Clickfunnels and has some drawbacks as well. one of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t provide you with the built-in email tools or affiliate management system.

So you have to buy third-party tools separately which will cost you a lot. Moreover, it is also very expensive software so everybody cannot afford it easily.


  • Excellent choice to gain maximum traffic
  • Powerful features
  • Advanced landing page
  • Fast landing pages


  • Expensive

10. OptimizePress:


If you are looking for affordable marketing software and a good Clickfunnels alternative, then you must give this one a try.

It doesn’t only act as the best Clickfunnels alternative but it also provides you options that are built specifically for WordPress.

It means that it integrates nicely with the WordPress themes as well as it allows the easier migration to the other platforms.

This marketing platform gives you the mobile targeted pages which you can easily create. Moreover, it offers you versatile tooling if you are running a membership site.

it can also act as the shopping cart software as well as the popular E-Commerce software like the SamCart for Woocommerce.

One thing you must keep in mind is that it doesn’t have monthly plans. It only comes with the annual commitment which makes you committed annually.

Moreover, it also doesn’t have free trials but a 30-day money-back guarantee. Talking about its price it isn’t too expensive as compared to the Clickfunnels.

So it is a suitable and one of the best Clickfunnels alternatives which are worth considering.


  • Affordable
  • Specifically built for WordPress
  • Connect as shopping cart software


  • Annual commitment
  • No free trials

11. Funnelytics:


The last Clickfunnels alternative is the funnelytics which is quite different from all the other mentioned platforms on the list.

First of all, let me tell you that it is a funnel planning tool rather than a funnel building tool. It means that it didn’t allow you to deploy your funnel and for that, you need another tool.

Its main focus just to give you the landing page builder software and sales funnel.

It offers very nice funnels with over 50 funnel templates. You can use them for any business needs, as they are advised to be the highest converting funnels of all time.

Moreover, it offers you the most advanced forecasting and tracking features which help you to improve your fun a lot.

Now coming towards its limitations. The first limitation is that you cannot deploy the funnel with it.

The other disadvantage of this platform is that it doesn’t have any integration with third-party software such as affiliate management tools, automated emails, shopping carts, or CRM.

So you have to buy third-party tools separately. The other limitation is that you get all the important key features and covered at the most paid plans.

So you can only enjoy it if you opt for the most expensive plans.


  • Very visual and easy to use
  • Free plan available
  • The mid-tier plan is cheap


  • No free trials
  • No integrated third-party platforms
  • Lacks important features

Wrapping It All Up!

I hope that I have provided you complete guidance on the 11 best Clickfunnels alternatives.

All you have to do is please read this article carefully.

I am sure that you will be able to choose the best solution for yourself.

The pros and cons of each platform are given which makes it very easy for you to select the best one according to your requirements.

All of these Clickfunnels alternatives are worth considering so you must at least give them a try.

Yet, if any query is still left, you should ask without hesitating.

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