A Comprehensive Guide to Blogging on LinkedIn in 2021

Blogging happens to be one of the best ways one can show his expertise and spread the word about his business to the people out there.

It is undoubtedly one of the most pleasing ways one can interact with his targeted audience and grab their attention in your operations.

This way, not only one would be able to create strong relationships with his viewers, but also would be able to convert the viewers to become his premium potential leads.   

Typically, people often blog on websites. This is an excellent way to spread your word as here, the search engine is responsible to create the organic traffic you are looking forward to.

However, what if you look forward to starting your career in blogging on Linkedin?

On the off chance that you already run a blog, then you certainly must be aware of all the benefits blogging comes in handy with.

Whether you are starting your career in blogging on LinkedIn from scratch or looking out viable ways to expand your reach over this platform, we surely have got you covered. 

Publishing your content on the Linkedin platform happens to be one of the most innovative options you would ever opt for, especially if you are looking for a platform where you can get started immediately for free!

Read our article further on to explore why you should get started to blog on Linkedin!

What Is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse happens to be one of the most refined Linkedin publishing platforms, where anyone can generate new posts directly on Linkedin, with ease.

What counts to be the greater good of this Linkedin Pulse is that the article one posts on the platform can get featured in daily or weekly news of the forum.

This provides you with an option of spreading your name out and showing people the writing skills you have got.

On the platform of Linkedin, a specific team of editors are present, whose sole duty is to shortlist and select which article is good enough to get featured in the platform’s news. 

The eligibility criteria for one article to get approved to be on the news is that the article should be well written.

The article should have minimized grammar mistakes.

The content it comes with should be engaging so that it can provide the value viewers are seeking on the platform.

If you have ever noticed, the daily news you often look at on the platform of Linkedin is specially tailored for you.

Also, the platform comprises premium plugins that notify you whenever something is new in your niche industry or if someone mentions your connection over the medium. 

Here comes the real question;

How Can You Get Your Article Featured On This Platform?

This happens to be a question on which most people often remain confused.

Getting your content featured on the Linkedin platform is the easiest thing you would ever come across to.

While posting your content on the platform, all you have to do is make sure that the content you are posting is of top-notch quality, is highly engaging, and surely attracts anyone who reads it out!

The more engaging and eye-catching your content would be, the more chances you would have to make your content featured in the news, and your reputation among the people present on Linkedin.

With that being said, since the editors present on Linkedin solely chooses the articles to get featured on the news, based on the quality, you really don’t have to be famous in your Niche in order to have your voice heard.

As far as you would be creating exceptional and extraordinary content, you would simply stand out from the crowd, for sure!

Why Should You Keep Blogging On To LinkedIn?

Blogging On To LinkedIn

Linkedin happens to be one of the largest professional networks in the world.

This simply means that this platform provides you with the opportunity to connect with a tremendous amount of professionals in your field.

And this is exactly the type of audience people often dreamt to work with – professionals. 

Below is the list of the audience, that you might expect to get interact with on Linkedin:

  • People who are seeking viable ways to make their brand popular in the market out there. 
  • People who want to showcase their hidden talents to the world out there, in order to enhance their reputability and attract potential clients towards them. 
  • Professional business owners roaming the platform to find a suitable person to handle a particular task of their businesses. 
  • Professional or fresh bloggers are looking forward to expanding their connections with people and building healthy relationships with their potential leads and customers present on the platform.

This is the kind of audience you would expect to meet over the platform.

Establishing good connections with these professional audiences present on the platform would prove to be fruitful for you to tap into their audience to expand your reach. 

In addition to that, you need to be aware of the fact that the people you would surely meet on the platform of Linkedin will be the people who are looking for employees for a long-term contract.

Hence, one of the main reasons that you should keep blogging on Linkedin is that this platform provides you with a handful of employment options, which would surely be of great benefit for you in the longer term!

Turn your hobby of blogging into a paid job to get your hands on some extra cash. Getting started with Linkedin happens to be a great way!


Undoubtedly, Linkedin is one of the finest blogging platforms to exist over the web. This platform helps you to not only boost up your exposure.

Apart from that, it also provides you with viable ways of raising the awareness of your brand and driving more traffic via your blogs. 

Hence, the article above comprises each and every piece of information that you might need to know about blogging on Linkedin!

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