Brick And Mortar Funnels Summit Review [2021]

The old and primal ways of doing business no longer exist in this modern era.

While the introduction to the internet, people now have access to many viable options around them.

 All people need to do is open up an app of their liking, and they would surely be able to find the thing they are looking for. 

 With that being said, making yourself a part in this particular time happens to be a daunting task.

 But you no longer are alone in this fight, as you’ve got the owner of the ClickFunnel, none other than Russell Brunson, by your side. 

 And the solution we’re talking about is the “Brick And Mortar Funnels summit.”   

This is a premium training program where one gets to learn all the viable ways of building up a sales funnel of your brick-and-mortar store. 

 Hence, if you are someone who has just heard about this summit, and wants to know more about this premium package, then we have surely got you covered. 

 This article below comprises each and everything that you might need to know about the Brick And Mortar funnel and would surely provide you with a profound experience. 

What Are Brick and Mortar Funnels?

Mortar Funnels

Just like the 30 Days summit, Brick and mortar funnels happens to come in handy with the same set of features.

However, this funnel is solely geared to enhance the physical traits of one’s business.

In much simpler words, the Brick and Mortar funnel summit is an interview training series that teaches people about how they can grow their business in a short span of time.

This training series is free to be taken by anyone for four consecutive days.

Once your free trial gets ends, the user might need to take the pre-Howa to Sell on Instagram with the Etsymium version of this funnel summit, which might cost people around hundred dollars to be paid a month.  

However, this funnel summit happens to worth every penny through the interview training series.

One would come across some of the successful business owners, who’ll share their experience with the user about how they were able to get their business on the right track by using the help of Brick and mortar funnel summit.  

What You’ll Learn In Brick And Mortar Funnels Summit:

Brick And Mortar Funnels Summit

The summit comes in handy with dozens of fruitful key ideas and training courses that would indeed prove to be advantageous for you as well as your business and would provide you with the best possible experience. 

 These are the things that you might learn on the Brick and Mortar Funnel platform:

What Is A Funnel & How To Create One:

 While signing up for the training course of these brick and mortar funnels, one would be able to get complete knowledge of what exactly sales funnel are and for what purpose one can use them. 

 And once you signed up on this summit, you would come across several speakers who would guide you all the way in your four-day free journey. 

 In addition to this, they would educate you about the viable ways you can make up a funnel of your own from scratch.  

Impact Of Sales Funnel On Your Business:

 After you signed up for this summit, after some time, you would be able to create a sales funnel for your business or your services. 

 However, while creating one, you would surely think about what impact this sales funnel would have on your businesses.  

 With that being said, some of the expert speakers present on this platform would guide you and show you how a premium sales funnel can generate up to 100 potential leads for your business or service in a span of fewer than 30 days. 

 Once you linked your product or service with a premium sales funnel, you would surely be able to witness the instant growth your business would have received. 

 Hence the perks one would get by signing up to the platform of Brick and mortar funnel is simply incredible!  

How To Find Your Ideal Customers:

On the brick-and-mortar funnel platform, you would be amazed to find out that this platform comprises tons of tips and tricks. 

 These tips and tricks teach its viewers the viable ways of how they can scale and raise their average business revenues to as much as up to 5x in a recorded time. 

 Along with that, what counts to be the best part of this platform is that you would be taught how you can get your hands on your potential lead, that too by just following four simple steps. 

 Hence, if you are one of those people who finds it way too challenging to find the right type of customers for yourself, then by signing up to this platform, your problem will surely vanish within no time! 

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Funnel:

 This happens to be the best part of the platform of the Brick and mortar funnel. Here, you would be taught about how you can use Facebook to get free traffic towards your funnel.   

Some of the speakers solely focus on educating their viewers on how they can grab the attention of the local Facebook traffic without even spending a single penny on overpaid advertisements!

Who Should Attend The Summit?

Who Should Attend The Summit

This summit is primarily geared towards the people operating Brick and Mortar stores. However, a list of professions is described below. 

If your profession or your work niches match with any of the fields, that we assure you of the fact that Brick and Mortar would surely suit best with your preference. 

You should go to this summit if:

  • If you belong to a professional practicing profession, which includes accounting law, dental service, or chiropractor.
  • You own a brick and Mortar store of your own, for example, a clothing or toy store.
  • We are looking forward to scaling up the sales of your business.
  • Or if you are one of those people, you want to learn marketing secrets and techniques, which come directly from experts.

On the off chance that you have an online business, then we regret to inform you that this summit won’t be the best option for you. 

The sole focus of this summit is to work well with the physical traits of the business and provide owners with a profound experience. 

Brick & Mortar Funnels: Pros & Cons:

Likewise, every other training or product, the Brick And mortar funnels, also comprises some advantages and drawbacks. 

We think of it to be our duty to make our readers aware of the perks and cons they might have to face by opting for the Brick and Mortar funnels summit. 

Hence some of the pointed pros and cons of this summit include:


  • The summit happens to come in handy with 4 days of free training so that the person who is just getting started with this Brick and Mortar funnel summit is able to get hold of invaluable strategies at the initial steps.
  • The resources this summit comes with happens to be simply incredible.
  • These resources can surely help you make your business stand out from the crowd, too, with ease.
  • As the interviews included in this summit are of famous people.
  • We assure you of the fact that you won’t ever feel bizarre from this summit ever.
  • Comes in handy with the teachings of the One Funnel Away Challenge.
  • This is a challenge that itself happens to be a great learning place and provides users with viable ways which they can use to upgrade their business.
  • Once you sign up for the summit, you would know the secret strategies that would help you get your hands on your new potential leads in as low time as possible.


  • The training series you might get your hands on will only remain valid for up to 4 days only. 
  • A person might have to spend a total amount of hundred dollars in order to unlock lifetime access to this Brick and Mortar summit training. 
  • People who signed up for the four-day training course of this summit might have to attend the training course with their full attention.
  • Or else, this training program will be of no use to them.

Final Words!

Are you aware of any other training program that provides you with a free training program of about four consecutive days, that too for free? 

If the answer to the above-asked questions happens to be no, then Brick and Mortar funnels would indeed prove itself to be an excellent training you could ever join! 

At least in the four-day free trial version of this training, you would be able to know what it takes to run a successful business. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up to summit now!

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