Builderall vs Clickfunnels: Which one is Better?

Are you fond of affiliate marketing? And willing to grow your business with funnel marketing, then you don’t have to worry as we have come up with something amazing through which you can build a website and expand your business effectively.

Clickfunnels is not only getting all the attention from the marketers but it is working outrageously for them.

And guess what it is getting more advanced from time to time as the developers are bringing innovations in this software. 

Do you remember Kartra’s pricing? Another all in one marketing tool. Now they have come up with another amazing tool called Builderall.

Here in this article, we will discuss how builderall VS click funnels are different from each other and which one is better in terms of performance and services. 

What Is Builderall?


It is an all in one business tool and a platform that consists of every necessary marketing tool required for running an online business successfully.

This tool works best for the entrepreneurs that are willing to implement their creative ideas to the business. it allows you to build a completely digital business and online marketing platform. 

BuilderAll was founded by Erick Salgado back in 2011 for entrepreneurs that lacked an online presence so that they can manage their business and sales easily.

After deep research and experience, he came up with this marketing solution.

Builderall focuses on making website creation, mobile applications, sales funnel, landing pages, and making online marketing accessible for anyone who wants to expand their business online.

It is not that difficult to function with builderall even a person with no technical skills can access it easily. 

The vision of Builderall is to bring your ideas to practical use. You can successfully bring your ideas to life by using builderall amazing marketing tools.

It gives your business the platform by not just making it successful but also profitable.

You can easily create a website, host webinars, collect or lead sell products by designing a sales funnel, etc.

Moreover, it saves you from rushing over different marketing tools individually as it includes everything you need to run an online business. 

What Is ClickFunnels?


The email warming series covers products such as valuables, videos, and webinars and over days or weeks as well as product reviews.

Still, most prospects won’t buy on your website at first glance, particularly if they know you today. It’s all taking money.

Via a wide range of skills and contacts that can occur in various phases, funnels are thus a multifunctional process.  

It is another effective marketing tool for business with a drag and drop interface that gives you the opportunity to create an efficient sales funnel for your products very easily.

It has a variety of funnels through which you can expand your business whether it’s small or large. 

It was founded by Russel Brunson in 2014 who is also an author of many popular marketing books and an expert affiliate marketer.

He helped more than 65000 entrepreneurs in making their online business successful with the help of Clickfunnels.

Just like Builderall, it gives you all the necessary marketing tools to grow your online business successfully. 

Here arises a question that if Builderall VS click funnels are almost the same so what makes them different from each other?

Well, both of them have different pricing criteria and some features that make both of them vulnerable. 

Builderall VS Clickfunnels: Pricing

The pricing plan for both builderall VS click funnels varies and offers different features depending upon the plan you have chosen.

But here’s the drill, Builderall offers more cheap plans as compared to click funnels.

Now let’s look at the plans of Builderal VS Clickfunnels so that you know what is more suitable for your budget!

Builderall Pricing plan:

Builderall comes in three different pricing plans offering different aspects depending upon the plan you chose!

Below we have mentioned all the pricing plans in detail so check it out!

Plan 1: Web presence package

This is a great plan under $9.90 per month which offers you,

  • Premium local hosting
  • Integrations with the 3rd party
  • Connecting single domain
  • Supporting the ticket system
  • Hosting local premium 
  • Easy access to drag and drop website builder 
  • Various subdomains along with unlimited pages
  • Bandwidths and visitors without any limit!

Sounds interesting right! 

Plan 2: Digital marketing package

This plan costs about $29.90 per month which gives you the opportunity to,

  • Connecting domains up to 15 easily
  • Applications for Builderall
  • Professional email marketing (unlimited)
  • Premium local hosting
  • Integrations with the 3rd party
  • Supporting the ticket system
  • Hosting local premium 
  • Unlimited bandwidths and visitors
  • Easy access to drag and drop website builder 
  • It also consists of SSTP
  • Various subdomains along with unlimited pages

This is complete justice to your money!

Plan 3: Builderall business package

You can get this builderall business package is $49.90 per month which allows you access to,

  • Integrations with the 3rd party
  • Supporting the ticket system
  • Hosting local premium and CDN
  • Unlimited bandwidths and visitors
  • Easy access to drag and drop website builder 
  • Unlimited bandwidths and visitors
  • It also consists of SSTP
  • Connecting domains up to 15 easily
  • Various subdomains along with unlimited pages
  • Access to builderall b business community
  • Influential affiliate system
  • Manager tools for auto post
  • Market place
  • Chatbot for Facebook messenger
  • A platform for webinar and streaming
  • Unlimited professional Ecommerce
  • Professional email marketing (unlimited)
  • Unlimited access to all the applications and tools of builderall 

This is crazy right!

Now moving on to the pricing plan of Clickfunnels. Let’s see what it has to offer to its users!

Clickfunnels Pricing plan:

As compared to builderall, click funnels have two major pricing plans for its users that give them access in different aspects depending upon the plan you chose. So let’s see what we have in the box!

Plan 1: Startup for Clickfunnels

This plan of click funnels is perfect for the startups as it has everything to offer that you have been looking for under $97 per month.

It allows you accessing features like,

  • It gives you access to funnel building tools
  • You can create up to 20 funnels
  • It gives you access to 3 custom domain
  • A 14-day free trial
  • Email autoresponder integration that allows you email integrations with the 3 party system, MailChimp, active campaigning, Salesforce, Get response and drip, etc  
  • A/B Split testing
  • 20000 unique visitors
  • 100 landing pages
  • Unlimited leads 

Worth the money!

Plan 2: Clickfunnels etison suite pricing plan

This pricing plan of click funnels gives you unlimited access to every feature startup plan is offering along with Actionetics and Backpack in $297 per month that includes,

  • A 14-day free trial
  • Landing pages (unlimited)
  • Unlimited pages
  • A/B split testing
  • Unique pages (unlimited)
  • 3 custom domain
  • Email autoresponder integration that allows you email integrations with the 3 party system, MailChimp, active campaigning, Salesforce, Get response and drip, etc  
  • Leads (unlimited)
  • Unlimited funnels

Not just that, click funnels also offer a discount for the funnel hacking system when you purchase it. Sounds interesting right! Another benefit you can have with the 14-day free trial to check the software before investing a lot of money.

So now you know the pricing plan of Builderall VS clickfunnels so choose that is most suitable to you!

Builderall VS Clickfunnels: Features:

Builderall VS Clickfunnels

Now comes the main aspect of both Builderall VS Clickfunnel features.

In addition to this, both of them are very effective all in one marketing tool that does wonder for your business within no time if utilized properly.

That is why the manufacturer mentioned each and everything in detail so that the user gets most of it and selects the suitable option.

Landing Page Creator:

Clickfunnels gives you an easier way to create landing pages as compared to Builderall.

It gives you a simple yet creative drag and drops landing page builder that enables you to create a sales funnel within minutes.

This is great right! Moreover, you can easily drag the elements of the landing page like headlines, bullet points, images, videos, etc, and anything you want to fill the empty canvas customize it the way you want. 

As for Builderall it uses a technology named pixel-perfect for its drag and drop landing page.

This technology will give you the opportunity to drag the elements of the landing page to any part of your canvas without using any line of code.

Besides you can view your page as:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet 


The autoresponder of builderall does not require a separate email marketing platform.

As builderall comes with a tool that has an email marketing system in it and an email builder to use for creating emails and automate autoresponder email campaigns to your subscribers and that too unlimited. Sounds interesting!

Also, the tool enables you to upload your list of emails up to 10000 subscribers easily and apply behavioral triggers to keep the conversions engaged.  

When it comes to Clickfunnels, then it has an inbuilt email autoresponder named Actionetics. The inbuilt autoresponder of click funnel works like magic when it comes to storing contacts, managing campaigns, and more.

This amazing autoresponder is also part of the Edison suitable plan mentioned above.

The function of this software works on Twilio to send SMS and can be used to create automated email and SMS campaigns.

Besides, it is more reliable and can easily replace the current third party of email marketing software and enables you to save more money and time. 

ClickFunnels VS Builderall: User-Friendliness:

Builderall gives you complete automation of the sales and marketing process even to those who have zero experience in web designing.

It also offers surplus features in terms of site creation, sales & marketing automation, etc. 

As for click funnels, a user can build an amazing E-commerce website as it has all the potential tools required and effective strategies to maximize the conversation.

Moreover, a user can also use several pre-made and customize them the way they want in order to generate leads.

They can easily sell their products and promote their webinars or any other online event and many more very easily.

ClickFunnels generates complete funnels from the landing page to the sales page to check out and deliver the product, offering a variety of functionality to make it all happen.

With its customers, ClickFunnels has a true spirit. The platform includes free training sessions and other similar resources.

Great training services also allow businesses to assess their industries or markets with the best advertising and marketing choices.

Things Builderall Can’t Do

Despite every amazing feature, there are a few things that a builderall can’t do like A/B split testing.

But the manufacturers are working on this aspect so quite possibly it will be available along with all the pricing plans.

Moreover, there’s a slight lack of in-app analytical tools and no third-party integrations either.

Yes, we understand the fact that here you must be thinking that how a company claiming itself as an all in one marketing service lacks such important aspects.

Shared Funnels:

Sharing a funnel means that you easily send the entire funnel to other users by sharing the link of that funnel.

But when it comes down to builderall VS click funnel then you can easily share a funnel with the help of a builder even when the other person doesn’t have a builderall account.

As for click funnel, it requires a click funnel account to share its funnels with other users or customers.

Affiliate Program Management System (Backpack):

Affiliate Program Management System

This type of management system allows you to monitor and look after your affiliate program. The backpack is a managing platform of affiliate marketing that is included in click funnels.

If you want to set your product or service to affiliate marketing then you can do it with the help of Backpack to set it up easily.

Not just that but you can also monitor your sales and conversations from the affiliated property of yours with the help of Backpack.

Sounds great right! And one more important thing is that this is only included in the Clickfunnels etison suite pricing plan.

As for builderall, it does not offer a Backpack component but you can get it with the help of a groove funnel which is another marketing tool.

Things ClickFunnels Can’t Do

Clickfunnels is an amazing all in one marketing tool that not only claims but has proven by its exceptional services to its users.

The predesigned template needs minimal modification only if you want to but it still works wonders.

Despite everything, it does lack in a very slight manner. Like anyone willing to be creative and exceptional in their websites then Clickfunnels is not for you!

Because the visual editor of click funnels is basic which will not empower free form or fluid motions that gives you the opportunity to make many changes with the layout.  

Design Studio Mockups:

When it comes to designing a mockup studio then you can look at builderall, as it helps you in creating 3D images and GIFs for your products like making a cover for your ebook. 

As for click funnel, there is no such option as a mockup studio which gives you the option to create engaging 3D images or GIFs for your products.

On the other hand, it lets you publish your funnels on other websites by using several techniques like Clickpop codes, add to Facebook, downloading an HTML file, etc.

Floating Videos Creator:

When it comes to creating floating videos, then builderall is the right option! It enables you to create engaging interactive videos under a green or any other identical color background. 

As for click funnels, there is nothing like floating video creators.

Instead, they have something more interesting to offer and that is image selection, which gives you accessibility to thousands of high-quality pictures and icons by using the exclusive selection from IconFinder, Pixabay, and Unsplash

App Builder:

As for building an application, here’s the drill, you have to choose builderall for this. It gives you a special app builder through which you can easily create an app and manage or integrate with the online campaigns. 

As for click funnels, they do not offer anything like an app builder. Instead, there is a very interesting feature of integrated shopping carts.

This amazing feature allows you an integrated shopping cart that saves you from getting into the trouble of adding additional plugins. This is hilarious!

Final Verdict!

Well both of them have a vast variety of features and both of them have impressive platforms to offer.

But as a matter of fact, as click funnels are the latest so it has more advanced features that you need in affiliate marketing that you don’t get in builderall. So to us, I think Clickfunnels is the clear winner in this Builderall VS click funnels.

The main aspect that makes click funnel the winner of this comparison due to its key features of providing a better range of third party integration and advanced analytical tools which builderall lack!

And not to forget that it all comes down to your choice whether you want to use Clickfunnels or builderall.

As both platforms can be suitable for many users with different opinions and priorities. 

Here the guide to Builderall VS Clickfunnels came to an end. We hope that the analysis we have done for both the marketing platforms was beneficial to educate you about them and may you select the most suitable option for yourself!

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