17 Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

One and the most awaited occasion, “Christmas,” is just around the corner.

And every blogger out there knows what this simply means:

It’s time to write some Christmas blog posts! 

However, coming up with a Christmas blog post idea can be a daunting task, especially on your own. 

This is why the 17 best Christmas blog post ideas have been provided here, which would surely suit best with every niche and provide you with a profound experience! 

1. My Favourite Christmas Ever:

Getting started with Christmas blogging, what can prove to be a great blog idea, then making people informed about your favorite Christmas via your blogs? 

Telling people about your favorite Christmas Blog would happen to portray your personality over the people.

They should know that the person writing this blog does have a life and isn’t someone who just sits in front of the computer all day long.

2. My Favourite Festive Candles:

The people who read blogs love to find out about the real personality of the writer. 

And with that being said, they simply love to discover the likes and dislikes of the writer of the blog. 

Hence, starting off your likes and dislikes with festive candles happens to be a profound start.  

This way, you would be able to get content for your blog and make people aware of your preference for candles!

3. The Gift Guide for Awkward People:

The Gift Guide for Awkward People

Here’s the challenge for you. All you have to do is to think about all the awkward people you have met in your life, and then come up with a gift guide that cover’s them. 

Though this sounds awkward, keep yourself in the shoes of the people who have to buy gifts for their awkward and weird relatives. 

Hence, you can create a gift guide on your blog to help out these people in the best possible way!  

4. Christmas Bargains: 10 Bargains I Jumped On:

This is the best way you can end up with having affiliate links of products in your blog.

And for this, you would surely be able to get your hands on some couple of dollars, that too for free! 

All you need to do is to come up with the top ten list of products that you get your hands on after doing prolonged bargaining for them. 

Don’t forget to include the original prices, along with the fees you get those products for, to have a good impression on your readers!

5. 3 My Christmas Music Playlist:

Christmas Music Playlist

Music happens to be the best way to escape worldly matters for a while.

And with that being said, there are a lot of people away from their homes, who are celebrating Christmas alone. 

In order to facilitate these types of people, you can gather and list down the best songs that one can play on Music and publish them on your blog! 

6. Top 5 Christmas Songs That Bring Back Great Memories:

We are sure of the fact that people do have that one favorite song of theirs, which brings tears in the eyes of the people whenever it gets played.

And with that being said, what can prove to be the best content than posting up five those Christmas songs on your blog, from whom you are deeply connected, and it makes you walk down the path of good and unforgettable memories!

7. Childhood Christmas Music Playlist:


Literally, ask anyone to compare their childhood Christmas Blogging days from adulthood Christmas days, and see them sigh at the fact that how badly they miss their childhood Christmas days!

And the best thing about Childhood Christmas days was the cute Christmas Blogging playlist we used to roam around within our neighborhood.

What proves to be a more interesting blog post idea, than making people aware of the Christmas music playlist you used to listen to in your childhood.

8. A #Blogmas Collection: 10 Posts From Other Bloggers You’ve Gotta Read!

Since the pandemic, the time has already been hard on most of us. Hence, this Christmas spread love and positivity through your blogs. 

And a profound way to do this is by sharing the blogmas posts of other bloggers on your blogging page. 

This way, you would be able to build a healthy relationship with your fellow bloggers and simultaneously generate content on your blog page. 

9. My Top 10 Christmas Movies:

Christmas Movies

Due to the pandemic, most people would undoubtedly be spending their Christmas in their respective homes.  

This may be a drastic change for them as; usually, Christmas Blogging isn’t an event that’s often spent on being home all day. 

However, to cope up with this drastic change, movies happen to be the best way one can divert his mind.  

Hence, you can make people aware of your top 10 Christmas movies in your blog! 

10. 5 Christmas Movies I Think Are Totally Overrated:

On the off chance that you have some negative reviews about something, the whole internet would jump on you to correct your stans. 

And this happens to be a great way to engage your audience and know a little more about them.

Hence, list out the five movies that you didn’t find pleasing enough, and make a blog over them. 

Now, wait for what your readers have to say about your thoughts!

11. The Worst Christmas I Ever Had:

Worst Christmas I Ever Had

Thought the occasion of Christmas is something that’s full of fun and happiness. 

However, when your expected desire doesn’t get fulfilled in this event, this occasion can go from being the best one to the worst one real quick.  

Create a blog on your worst Christmas ever. Don’t forget to mention behind the scenes what makes your Christmas horrible.  

People often wait for such types of blogs. Hence the engagement you would be receiving here would be incredible.

12. 5 Fragrances I Always Wear at Christmas:


Are you one of the people who simply love to wear fragrances at Christmas? 

Then there are high chances that one of your readers would be a fragrance fanatic as well. 

This is why you can dedicate one of your blog posts to 5 fragrances that you wear at Christmas. 

Don’t forget to ask your readers about their favorite fragrances, as it’s never too late to try out new stuff!

13. 3 Fragrances I was Given For Christmas That I Really Didn’t Like:

3 Fragrances I was Given For Christmas That I Really Didn’t Like

There may come a phase in your life where you have been asking your friends or relatives to bring some fragrances to you on Christmas. 

But to your surprise, the fragrances you got were terrible and didn’t suit best with your taste.  

On the off chances that this happened with you, then prevent your readers from giving such type of fragrances to their friends and relatives!  

Don’t forget to mention the names of the fragrances you disliked! 

14. Christmas Adverts That Changed My Life:

Some new gadgets in the form of gifts or surprises along with a variety of food options to taste that comes directly from different traditional families living in your neighborhood are introduced to people on Christmas Blogging.  

And with that being said, if you ever come across any Christmas adverts that changed your life, don’t hesitate to inform your readers about those adverts via your blogs! 

15. My best Christmas Perfume/Beauty Picks:


This happens to be the blog post idea that most of the readers are usually waiting for!  

Readers love to try out the products that their inspiration has been using lately. 

Hence, providing your readers with a blog on the topic of their liking would indeed offer a heap of engagement towards your blog!  

So what are you waiting for? State your best Christmas perfume in your blog now!

16. My Favourite Family Christmas Traditions:

Christmas is a tradition that celebrates all over the country! However, the traditions happen to be of numerous types and mostly defer from city to city and state to state. 

Hence, you need to make your readers aware of which Christmas Blogging tradition simply stole your heart away via your blogs! 

17. A Letter to Santa: If I Could Wish For Anything For Christmas:

A Letter to Santa

No matter how childish this activity happens to sound now, but writing letters to Santa Claus happens to be one of the best memory of childhood. 

And you must have been writing letters to Santa in your childhood!  

Making your users aware of the things that you want so badly from Santa Claus to bring you from the North Pole is a fact that can surely make your readers stick by your blog for a prolonged period of time.


While wrapping it up, we hope to inspire you with these Christmas blog post ideas successfully.

Do give one of the blogs mentioned above a shot, and we are sure of the fact that you would receive a profound experience!

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