Clickfunnels 60-Day Trial – Does It Still Exists and Outstanding?

As you all know, ClickFunnels is basically the best funnel builder present in the market that provides you with some great offers and tools that no other can provide. 

It can boost up and take your business to a whole new level within just a few days. 

ClickFunnels basically create sales funnels for you to sell your products easily and more efficiently. 

It is used to work with great ease and allows you to design landing pages for yourself. 

After that, you are needed to set the leads and create sales funnels to get your site boosted.  

What is ClickFunnels Used For?

ClickFunnels used for1

If you are not using ClickFunnels, you will just be needed to code everything from beginning to end to create the landing pages. 

But if you choose to use ClickFunnels so it will save a lot of time of yours. 

You will surely need to hire a web developer to create the landing pages for you if you are not using ClickFunnels. 

If you do not want to use Clickfunnels and think that hiring someone and creating sales manually would be an easy task, you are wrong. 

It might look a bit comfortable for you, but it can cost you a lot of money you can save by simply getting the help of ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels provides you with a completely easily workable interface. 

It allows you to make several landing pages, leads, sales funnels, etc. without facing any problems and with ease.

ClickFunnels Trials:

ClickFunnels greatly supports you in many ways and provides you with excellent support and a free trial. 

It provides you with free and different trial options so that you can check whether this app is useful or not. 

You can explore ClickFunnels with ease but for a limited time in the free offer. 

After the end of the free trial, you would be needed to buy the monthly or yearly subscription and is completely up to you to enjoy all of its features with ease. 

The 60 days trial of ClickFunnels is not available anymore, but you can still have the option of getting a free trial of 14 or 30 days with ease. 

Package Comparison:

Package Comparison

ClickFunnels provides you with a number of different packages of click funnels that might look both expensive and expensive at the same time. 

It consists of two main packages which cost 97$ and 297$

97$ package:

It is so far the best package for the people who are running small businesses which is good enough for them. 

In this package, you are offered to create 100 pages at a single time. 

However, the rate of the visitors is limited to 20,000 and is a great deal in this price range.  

297$ package:

It is called the standard package and it will allow you with all the features of ClickFunnels which you might not get on the 97$ package. 

It is so far the greatest deal just because if you are running a big business it suits you perfectly. 

It lets you with unlimited pages and you are also enabled with unlimited visitors. 

This is the standard and greatest package and you can simply upgrade to this if the 97$ package is not suiting you.  


We have thoroughly discussed ClickFunnels 60 days of free trial and discussed everything in detail. 

These two free trials of 14 days and 30 days are pretty much beneficial and you should consider using them for sure. 

As the free trial of 60 days is not available anymore.

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