ClickFunnels Platinum Review: Whats Next?

Do you know what ClickFunnels Platinum is all about? If you are still not aware of it, then don’t forget to read the ClickFunnels Platinum review which we are about to discuss right below for you!

We will explain to you all the details about the ClickFunnels Platinum Review and how you can make effective use of it. 

This guided tutorial is the most exciting direction which is provided under the platform of ClickFunnels. 

This guide was introduced through the 5th year birthday celebration of ClickFunnels whose founder is Russell Brunson. 

So let’s have a discussion about it!

What is ClickFunnels Platinum?

ClickFunnels Platinum

If you are in search of the best and reliable platform to build the sales funnel, then choosing ClickFunnels Platinum is the ultimate option for you.

In case if you want to understand the conceptual outlook of the sales funnel, then you need to first understand how the funnel will be set-up. 

Funnel is basically a process that is designed to easily filter everything which is entering down your end.

Hence in short, terms, we will make it call upon as the sales process. Only those customers who are motivated and committed will end up at the final destination. 

Hence every single stage in the funnel will be giving the business owners the opportunity to convert. 

This whole series of conversions will build up a high momentum towards the course of high ticket purchasing or come up with brand loyalty. 

Who Created Traffic Secrets?

Who Created Traffic Secrets1

Many of you may no longer be conscious of the name of Russell Brunson! Well, he is the main creator of the ClickFunnels Platinum.

He stepped into the on-line world with his small business which he started at some stage in his university studies.

He used to promote DVDs and CDs alongside some t-shirts, shakes, or supplements.

He even co-founded Etison LLC where he launches out top profitable ClickFunnels software.

Plus he is additionally the founder of the ecosystem around the software program which is based totally upon facts products, stay events, and books.

According to the trendy Forbes report, Etison, LLC is presently having an enterprise rating of 360 million dollars. 

Plus the amazing truth is that the entire business/company is self-funded.

Funnel Hacker Forum:

Funnel Hacker Forum

According to Russell, the official FB group of ClickFunnels Platinum has become a little unwieldy. It is upholding around 200,000 members in its group with the intake of almost 95k paying set of ClickFunnel Platinum users.

So they have actually created their own official community along with separate forums for paying the members only. 

It is not yet obvious that from where you can find the forums. But it has been announced that it is accessible as inside the fourth tab of the Funnel Flix.

There is not much hassle with the activity which is on the forum yet. But it has been expected that in the coming years, forums will act as well. 

So far it has been investigated that the whole scenario of the forum has been so much popular which drives the people to know more about it. 

Daily Virtual Hackathons:

Daily Virtual Hackathons

Now let’s talk about Daily Virtual Hackathons! This is one such basic element that came out from Russell’s high end 2 Comma Club X training program.

This will assist you with the concept of virtual training about how you can create different types of funnels by focusing upon the launching, creation, and funnel design! 

There are around 11 core funnels and each of them is focusing upon the single funnel type.

Few basic funnels that are part of this category are challenge funnel, lead funnel, survey funnel, summit funnel, high ticket funnel, and webinar funnel. 

Right into this Platinum Book review, you won’t be able to get any sort of information related to the Facebook Ads editor or setting up the Google ads campaign. 

This is because all such systems have been constantly changing.  And this book is focusing on such strategies that do not change at all.

Hence, all in all, this book tutorial review will teach you about how you can identify your dream customers, how you can work on your way, understanding the concept of buying, creating your very own platform of publishing, and building a distribution list.

Funnel Flix:

Funnel Flix

As it is evident from the name, this is just going to be the Netflix of these business training videos.  You can stream all of it through the involvement of the Funnel Flix site.

Funnel Flix is yet currently accessible over the dashboard of ClickFunnel Platinum but it is at the same host over

As you will log into it, you will encounter 4 various tabs.  The very first as you will be noticed in this is the 3rd tab which is known as ClickFunnel Platinum Collective that is not yet announced in today’s update. 

As you will watch the intro video, you will find a collective set of higher-level planning which is based on support ret as well as live events or the live group coaching.  Hence you can access each single of the training which is inside the Funnel Flix.

With this guide, you can learn how you can get extra traffic for your websites or the influencers over the internet. 

Until and unless the traffic has not to be converted, you don’t need to pay any sort of extra charges.

It is a sort of affiliate marketing. Through this affiliate marketing, you can generate maximum traffic for your site in a completely cost-effective procedure.

Price of ClickFunnels Platinum:

Price of ClickFunnels Platinum

Now as regards the pricing plan of ClickFunnel Platinum review has been concerned, it is available at the monthly price of $297.

This is actually the same price plan which you can get in the form of the Etison Suite plan.

If in case you are already a member of the existing Etison Suite Plan, then you can subscribe to the ClickFunnels Platinum free of cost. 

Those users who are still looking ahead to keep their standard package over the plan of $97 as per rate monthly, they can still earn the timeline of Funnel Flix training sessions. This is so great. 

You can join the club as free of cost and be a member of the Clickfunnel. On top of this club, the members are given away with deals that are ranging as in between 100 to 200 deals every day.

This is for the reason that ClickFunnels Platinum Review has been involved in dealing with some of the top sellers on Amazon and they do make sure that they are serving out their members with the best of the best.

What Do You Like About it?


Being the funnel hacker, the whole subscription of the ClickFunnels Platinum will be getting high access to the VIP treatment as well as perks in the form of different features.

As for the sake of priority support and live chat, you can expand yourself to the Funnel Flix library of training where everything has been geared towards high growth. 

Hence the terminology of the training and so as the live support has been totally unparalleled.

This will make the whole process of ClickFunnels Platinum the best platform for you.

This platform software is completely focused upon the buildup of a community of different individuals to acquire profitable sales secrets. 

It also offers a free trial session which is completely free to use and is risk-free. 

What You Do Not Like About it?

thumb-down (3)

Now let’s talk about what is so much not so good about the ClickFunnels Platinum review

As it is evident from ClickFunnel Platinum review is not leaving any stones unturned!

No matter what sort of feature you have been using in the ClickFunnels Platinum you have to acquire the monthly subscription package which is so much costly.

It is available at the heft amount of $200 which is more than as compared to the package of standard ClickFunnels pricing plan.

Clickfunnels Review: in-Depth and Brutally Honest:

Clickfunnels is mentioned to be one of the online sales in view with the funnel builder.

It would be helping away the business marketplaces in terms of selling as well as delivering the product online.

This tool is meant to be completely simplifying with online marketing and also the selling and with the range of delivery into the products and services. 

It would be providing away the users with the complete range of the funnel options that are somehow to be pre-built for the purpose of the specific business, and so as the product, or service.

This whole booklet is flooded with a bunch of extraordinary moments that will make you curious to buy this book right now. 

You will be amazed at how the entire book has integrated the online commercial enterprise is simply a few pages for you.

What to Know About Clickfunnels?

Know About Clickfunnels

It is much easy for the beginner to create away from the marketing and also with the sales funnel from the view of the ground up as it incorporates into the core elements.

It is all needed upon with the functional and into the effective sales funnel. The concept of traditional online concepts is all about the need to deal with the hosting of websites and also landing pages, email autoresponders, and so many more. 

It would be much hard-working to do but at the end of the day, the traditional sales funnels are taken to be much time intensive and so as very expensive. They are somehow offering you the high range of the comprehensive, and so as the unified package. 

What Are the Benefits of Clickfunnels?  

What Are the Benefits of Clickfunnels

It is mentioned to be the popular medium of the sales funnel tool. This is all simplifying away with the whole sales and also the marketing funnels for all types of business categories.

There are funnels that are purposely meant for the webinars and also for the sales and membership sites, and also the subscriber list.

Each one of them is stated to be quite different from the other.  All through the use of this platform, this user will be all treated into a wide range of pre-built sales funnels. 

You need to choose the one that suits your business with the best requirements. 

It will be saving much of your time and efforts as in view with the startup of organizing your sales funnels from scratch and so as to speeds up your sales funnel set-up. As you selected with the funnel, you should be choosing with the template. 

You are treating with so many of the templates and they are all proven too. It has the complete user-friendly based interface all through the easy access of integrating animation, plus the clocks, videos, and so many other elements to your templates.

Talk About the Main Features of Clickfunnels:

Some of the main features of click funnel are sales funnel, custom domains, email integrations, option funnels, membership funnels, hangout funnels, share the funnels, Priority Support, and priority Template Requests.


This was the end of the discussion about the ClickFunnels Platinum review which we are sure would have made your mind so much clear about what this whole concept is all about! Russell has already announced some big steps taken in this system.

But it would not be wrong to say that ClickFunnels is moving in some new direction. 

This initiative as in the form of the ClickFunnels platinum will be so effective and great when it comes to upholding a success for the future of ClickFunnels. 

As the focus has been increased over the main core line of the ClickFunnels product, users will be given some extra benefits in the range of the upcoming timeline. 

On the basis of the upsetting scenario of the Actionethics, the whole arrival of the ClickFunnel Platinum has been offering a lucrative and extra free upgrade for the existing Etison Suite customer.

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