Clickfunnels vs Instapage [2021]: Which One Is Better?

It really doesn’t matter what product or what services you are selling on the internet. Seeking to get your hands on your Potential lead?

If the answer to this question is yes! Then you need to have a premium set of landing pages for your brand.

Who doesn’t loves to stay ahead of the competition?

And in order to stay ahead of the competition always, you might need to have a landing page by your side.

The landing page you should have by your side should be enriched with catchy and appealing content.

This way the users would be stick to your landing page for a prolonged time.

And you would surely be able to generate a heaping amount of profit from it. 

Fortunately, landing page software has made online business owners’ lives much easier, as they allow them to produce appealing and eye-catching landing pages right from scratch, that too with having zero knowledge about coding.

Insta page and ClickFunnels happen to be some of the best landing page tools to exist in the market.

However, in order to pick one of these software for yourself, a comprehensive ClickFunnels vs Instapage comparison is being provided below.



Insta page happens to be a straightforward landing page software that comes in handy with a whole suite of useful features and provides users with a profound experience.

One of the reasons why we simply love Instapage is that this software happens to be incredibly easy and intuitive to use. 

Just like being the apple of the landing page software, Instapage happens to be all about drag and drop!

Like most landing page software in the market, getting started with Instapage tends to be a super easy task.

What counts to be the best feature of Instapage is that it comes in handy with over 200 multiple templates that a user can select to create a beautiful landing page of his own.

Along with that, Instapage provides users with an analytics dashboard that allows the users to set the date range, perform A/B split testing, and view conversion rates over their landing page.

With that being said, a list of pros and cons of using Insta pages is being provided below: 


  • Insta page doesn’t come with any sort of traffic limitations.
  • Insta pages happen to come in handy with being integrated with much other software present in the market lately.
  • Features built-in analytics tool that provides users with a profound experience.
  • It comes in handy with around more than 200 editable templates that a user can edit and customize according to his personnel preference.
  • Instapage happens to be the software that comprises the best user interface and comes with ease of operation so that anybody can get facilitated with its services.
  • The page designs and templates one receives in Instapage are hard to get on other landing page software.
  • Instapage provides users with an opportunity to integrate their landing pages directly with WordPress.
  • Instapage happens to provide users with dynamic text replacement to run PPC campaigns smoothly, with ease.


  • In the basic plan of Instapage, one happens to be deprived of getting their hands on A/B split testing technology.
  • Instapage doesn’t comprise an extensive collection of inbuilt images, icons, and shapes, due to which, in order to create a design of your own, a user might have to download his desired picture from google.
  • Then he would be able to insert that picture in Instapage.
  •  The price Instapage provides premium services to the users, which is very expensive, and most people really can’t afford it.
  • Finally, according to some users, the customer support who works for Instapage happens to somewhat poor quality.



Likewise, Instapage, click funnels happens to be a more complex landing page tool you would ever come across with.

In simple words, ClickFunnels happens to be a website and a marketing flow box, which the user receives in one place.

ClickFunnel stands out from the crowd because the other landing page software allows users to create one landing page.

In contrast, in ClickFunnel, a user can build multiple types of marketing funnel in a single go!

While proceeding through ClickFunnels, you won’t ever feel the need to think of your next step, as ClickFunnel software itself takes you through its setup.

With the help of ClickFunnel, a user can email an autoresponder, a lead capture funnel. A sales funnel can design a pre-existing landing page template and much more.

Though, at your initial glance, the templates ClickFunnel comes in handy with would seem to be fresh and diverse.

However, a user can work with them further in the editor to turn them into a landing page that a user has always desired.

In simple and short words, ClickFunnels happens to be a tool that has got all your online business needs covered, that too, in one single place!

Having said that, the pros and cons ClickFunnels comes in handy with are being provided below.


  • ClickFunnels happens to be a viable tool for everyone.
  • It helps you build the landing pages for your website or services and provides you with an opportunity to build premium marketing sales funnels for your website or services.
  • ClickFunnels happens to be the only tool that provides users with the direct support of Backpack CRM, InfusionSoft and ClickBank. 
  • ClickFunnels provides users with an opportunity to share your build sales funnel with the other people present in your network, that too, with ease. 
  • It comes in handy with premium features and exception highlights, which allow the user to customize their average landing pages and convert them into eye-popping pages.


  • The standard plan of this ClickFunnel doesn’t provide users with a profound experience.
  • Their standard plan comes in handy with a lot of limitations. 
  • The split testing one receives in the standard package of ClickFunnel happens to be very basic and average.


Landing pages software is all around us. Hence, choosing one on our own can prove to be a daunting task. 

As people have been providing their reviews on almost everything.

According to the review of users, ClickFunnel and Instapage happen to be one of the best landing page software that exists lately.

proving their worth for a prolonged time, this software has created quite a fandom of their own.

Hence,  a comprehensive comparison of ClickFunnesl vs Instapage has been provided above. Choose one that suits best with your taste!

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