Review (2021) – Is it the Best Tool For Copywriting? 

To generate leads and sales it is important to write high converting copy. But it needs time and practice to write in a short time with efficiency.

But no need to worry. Technology has invented various tools that can help you.

In this article, we will talk about It is software that writes blog posts for you.

Isn’t it amazing? You do not have to write the content for your blogs.

All you need to do is to write the title of the blog and a short description to explain your title.

Want to know more about it?

The software will write a complete blog for you in just minutes and the content will be plagiarism-free.

By using this tool you can generate more quality content without hiring content writers for your business or organization.

Without wasting your precious time we should start our discussion about the

We will tell you all the important things that you need to know about it. So have a look at it.

What Is review is a copywriting tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to write high-converting and unique content in just seconds.

It is founded by Chris hull and Dave Rogenmoser in 2020. You can use this tool for different purposes.

As for SEO, ad copy, emails, websites, and for any other purpose where unique content is required.

This software uses GPT-3 technology and a deep learning language model.

So that it can produce content-on-demand and is similar to what human writes.

The GPT-3 technology means this is the third version of the software and works better than the previous ones.

Every time you run the software you will the unique content even if the topic is the same. refers to this AI technology as Jarvis within the platform.

Who Is For?

For writing the regular unique content for your business is the tool. It allows you to post unique and high-quality content on your websites to generate more revenue. It writes text with short paragraphs.

This tool also includes bullet lists, article introductions, Seo meta descriptions, short product descriptions, headlines, video hooks, and any other thing that is needed to make the content look good.

But if you think that you can replace all the human writing with then probably you are wrong. Because this tool is not so efficient yet.

You can use this software to give a touch to your content but not for the whole blog

Because human writing is important to explain the topic in detail by providing relative information. Moreover, you can generate ideas from this tool.

Generate the text and then convert it to human writing for a better impression.

What Are Some Of My Favorite Things About

Favorite Things About

To make your work easier it is important to know about the technology trends and the software.

Here I tested the to write some of my articles and the following are the things that I like about it.

Have a look at them.

1. You Can Control The Tone:

Different types of the topic need the different tone to communicate with the audience.

You can not only get quality content from as you can change the tone of the text. Before generating the text you can select the tone.

This tool also gives the option to select the right template for your text.

After selecting the desired template select the tone of the text and generate it. There is no limit in selecting the tone and the template.

AI will automatically write the content according to your selected options. You will get the text that you want in a short time.

The most common tones for the text are dramatic, witty, excited, professional, angry, sarcastic, and funny. But you can write whatever you want.

2. Improves Your Existing Content:

Improves Your Existing Content makes sure that your content is unique and attractive.

There are several templates that you can use to generate the content. You can even rewrite your existing content.

This tool has a template called Content Improver that uses your existing content and creates variations of it.

It can improve your word use, tone, and sentence structure.

Following are some scenarios in which you should use review.

  • Having a short paragraph that does not go well with your article.
  • You do not use the same tone throughout the content.
  • The grammar is poor due to the language problems of the writer.
  • You want to convert small notes into a readable paragraph.

Moreover, you can take content from multiple websites and write on your website using

3. Good Facebook Community:

For the understanding of new apps, community groups are made on social media. also has a great community on Facebook. You can ask for help there from the developers.

They will notify you about the changes and the updates in the app.

Moreover, if you want additional features in the software you can directly communicate with the team.

The team of is so cool that they make videos with new features so that you can understand them.

What Are The Annoying Things About

nnoying Things About

Besides some features that I like about, there are some features that I dislike about it.

You can say that they are the limitation of this software. Have a look at these things before you use this software.

1. Not Efficient In Producing The Longer Texts:

When you use for the first time you will see that all the templates are for generating short text only.

Generally speaking, most of the templates generate only one line of text.

You can use these templates for titles of blog posts, video titles, photo captions, email subject lines, and persuasive bullet points.

There are only a few templates that generate one-paragraph text.

If you use these templates again and again then the quality will decrease.

2. Human Editor Is Required:

The review is not yet efficient that by pushing a button you get the content that you can publish. You have to put some effort into correcting the text.

You get unique content every time but every time the content is not worth posting.

Every time you have to select the template so it is possible that you do not get what you expect from the software.

As a rough document, you can use review then post it after correcting it according to the requirement. Pricing: Pricing

After discussing the benefits and limitations of now let’s talk about its pricing. If you use this software how much it costs you?

Well, it does not have a high price rate if you get benefits from it. comes with different pricing plans. The base plan of costs $29 per month and within this plan, you can generate up to 20,000 words.

Not only just words you also get 10 free seats.

It means you can share this platform with your assistants. They have access to all the features that you can use.

But if you think you have more work to do and need more words. Then you choose the second plan.

The second plan of review costs you $49 per month and with this package, you can generate up to 35,000 words.

The software will generate words according to your limit.

If you do not use your credits within the time then they will be lost and you can not use them again.

But the developers give you a free 5 days trial where you can generate up to 10,000 words.

But if you collect bonuses then they will not end until you use them.

So, it is better to test the software with a trial period before you purchase the monthly package.

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Final Verdict!

If honestly speaking review does not produce quality results all the time.

But still, it is the best tool to use to generate quality text of short-range. If sometimes you feel stuck you can use this software to get the idea.

It will generate unique and quality content that you can further edit to publish. The developers are trying their best to improve this tool and new updates come in a short time.

If you handle multiple social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram then you can use it.

For daily unique captions and stories, it will give you the worth of posting content.

It is worth using if you get desired results from this software which it produces most of the time. But if the word limit is short.

If you use the one-paragraph length template then you surely get the best results.

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