How to Setup a Custom Domain in Clickfunnels?

There’s no rocket science in setting up a custom domain in ClickFunnels. You just need to follow some simple steps to set it up without facing any difficulty. 

Steps for Setting Up Custom Domain in ClickFunnels:

Custom Domain in ClickFunnels

You will be needed to work according to these steps in order to set up a custom domain in ClickFunnels without facing any type of problem.

Setting up your Cname record:

First, you are needed to set up your Cname record, which will provide you with two options, so you will be needed to choose any one of them according to you. 

The first one will provide you with the option to set up your domain only with ClickFunnels so you can root up your domain according to the given options. 

The second one might offer you to use ClickFunnels with another site known as a subdomain.

Addition and Verification of your Custom domain in ClickFunnels:

You are needed to go to the settings of ClickFunnels and select the option of domains. 

Now, click Add new domain and select the option of “Use an existing domain.” 

Then you can simply enter your domain and click the option of “Add Domain.” 

If you are using a subdomain so you must remove “www” from it. 

On the next page, click the option of “I have done this step.” 

After that, simply navigate back to the domain settings to confirm that your domain is verified.

Verification of SSL on your custom Domain:

It is the most important part while setting up a custom domain on ClickFunnels, so you must wait for at least 5-10 minutes. 

Now, from the setting of the domain, click the three dots present next to your new domain’s option and then click the ‘Edit’ option. 

You are then needed to scroll to the SSL and then click the option of ‘Expand.’ Click the ‘SSL’ option. 

Important Note:

When you do all the above-mentioned steps, you are needed to wait for at least 5-10 minutes before checking your SSL.

If it still shows that it is still unsecured, you must check it after another 10 minutes and click the option of ‘Check now.’

If it still shows you that it is not secured to reach out to the support team for further assistance. 

what you are needed to do after that:

  • Set your homepage
  • Add 404 pages on your domain.
  • Explore the FAQ of Custom Domain


We have listed above all the steps to set up Custom Domain in ClickFunnels, which you can use.

However, it is a very simple task to set up a domain, but if you have any difficulty, you can simply comment below. We would love to answer your questions. 

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