DotCom Secrets Review: The Ultimate Guide To Sales Funnels

We all know that selling products over the online platform is not an easy task at all.

It is an art that is a basic involvement of your creative mindset and innovative ideas. 

And if you are considering stepping DotCom Secrets Review into this online world, then you need some guidance to perform your scenario successfully. 

Instead of picking something from the beginning, it is always recommended to learn from a professional platform that is available right here for you!

Yes, we are mentioning about DotCom Secrets Review!

This is a fascinating and much creative concept of creating some high-converting sales funnel to be a pro expert in this field ground. 

This can be an expert who has already achieved so much high success in the online business and is willing to explain to you all the bits and pieces about it. 

Russell Brunson is the main creator of this book!  And in this blog, we will be highlighting a complete information chart related to DotCom Secrets Review

Through this guide you will be able to learn about:

  • What are DotCom Secrets?
  • Who is the Russell Brunson?
  • A Look inside the major DotCom Secrets
  • What is the method to make money with DotComSecrets?
  • DotCom Secrets Pricing
  • Conclusion

Let’s crack into it!

What are DotCom Secrets?

What are DotCom Secrets

Back in the year 2015, the concept of DotCom Secrets Review was introduced for the very first time.

This whole concept is all about knowing some basic strategies relate to the online market.

Russell has explained every single bit of his experience in this book for beginners. 

This DotCom Secrets Review book has been based on countless actionable pieces of advice.

If you have been considering selling something online, then checking out this DotCom Secrets Review book will be extremely helpful and informative for you. 

This DotCom Secrets Review book is based on 254 pages where the author has presented every single section of the page in an engaging and inspiring style.  This book will initially help you to understand the whole scenario of selling online in a stage-by-stage form. 

Plus inside the book, you can also check out some stories or examples of the author’s own experience.  In short, the DotCom Secrets Review book is flooded with some inside secrets. 

Currently, this book has a star rating of 2.5 with a maximum of 500 reviews on Amazon.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson

Many of you might not be aware of the name of Russell Brunson! Well is the main creator of the DotCom Secrets Review book.

He is one of the top successful and leading entrepreneurs inside the online world.

He stepped into the online world with his small business which he started during his college studies.

He used to sell DVDs and CDs along with some t-shirts, shakes, or supplements. He even co-founded Etison LLC where he launches our top successful ClickFunnels software. 

Plus he is also the founder of the ecosystem around the software which is based upon information products, live events, and books. According to the latest Forbes report, Etison, LLC is currently having a business score of 360 million dollars.   

Plus the impressive fact is that the whole business is completely self-funded. 

A Look Inside DotCom Secrets:

A Look inside DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets Review book is categorized into 5 main sections which we are about to discuss right below for you one by one:

1. Ladders & Funnels:

As you will start exploring the book, the first section of the whole concept is related to the value ladder.

This is the visual mapping of different services and products which you can offer to your client in the ascending pricing order. 

Through the use of the value ladder, you will be able to display your client with the products which are in the lowest price range. 

This will enable them to pull out their wallets in a better way. 

Once you have got to know what value you will be offering to your clients, you can acquire a certain percentage of your buyers who are striving to climb up the ladder.

This is done to purchase costly and value-packed products.  In section 1, the second part is about the sales funnel!

This is an online process that you have to set up so that your customers can ascend the overall levels of the value ladder.

This is just the starting level because the rest of the book is further explaining the psychology and strategy of the sales funnel.

2. Communication Based Funnel:

Communication Based Funnel

The next portion of this book is related to communication with your audience.

First of all, Russell has mentioned creating an attractive character for your help. 

This whole scenario is about building an attractive and charming persona that will enable the users to get attracted to your services. 

They will be your loyal clients and will always rush around to purchase your services or products. 

To build an attractive character you should put together 4 main elements:

  • creating a backstory 
  • ability to communicate with parables 
  • share all your basic character flaws 
  • Be a charming polarizing figure.

The creator of this book has explained all the details of the system through the use of basic examples so you can understand the whole concept in a better way. 

The second half portion of the chapter is letting you know about two major email strategies.

This whole scenario is also known as the soap opera sequence! 

With the help of this series, you will be able to build a strong bond with your clients through an attractive character.

The main idea behind this whole concept is to stay entertaining and open-ended. 

3. “Funnelology”


The next most section is related to the fundamentals of the funnel.

This will explain some major strategies about how you can achieve a successful funnel. 

Right through this section, Russell has brought up a piece of advice where he suggested to always be starting from a beginning as you start creating a funnel. 

It is important to leverage your client experience when you are creating your funnel. 

For a successful campaign, the creator has defined 5 major elements.

With the help of these elements, you will be able to get an idea about how you can reverse the entire competitor funnel. 

Plus this section will also explain to you about 7 major phases of the funnel. 

Here is the quote from Russell which will let you know how every phase is important for you.  One of the biggest takeaways into this area has been the significant placement of the pre-frame.

If you want to boost your level of success, you have to set your visitor nation off any idea before you began to use any income funnel.

In order to make it happen, it is important to understand the basic traffic temperature so you can create an applicable level of the pre-bridge frame.  After it, you have to qualify your consumers, subscribers as well as VIP customers.

Through the understanding and proper implementation of all such steps will help you to get the maximum fee viable from every single subscriber.  Over the final section, the creator Russell has presented over 23 construction blocks of the funnel.

He is fond of developing the funnel by enjoying a set of lego blocks.   So if you are growing a funnel for your business, make sure you are mix and matching different sets of blocks.

4. Funnels & Scripts:

Funnels & Scripts

The 4th section of this book is about funnels & scripts!  This is the real gem of this book which will signify your whole online business. 

Right through this section, you can even get an idea about the psychology which is associated with each funnel and how they have been working for you. 

Apart from it, you can even encounter some blank templates which can help you to figure out how the implementation of the funnel will be done for your business. 

The creator has even explained some basic rules which he has used in the structure processing of the OTO which is One Time Offer. 

6 major funnels are as mentioned below:

  • Two-Step – Free + shipping Funnel
  • Funnel Self-Liquidating 
  • Excellent Webinar Funnel 
  • Invisible Form of Funnel Webinar
  • Product Launching Funnel
  • High Ticket form of Three-Step Application Funnel

The reason why these funnels are so much in demand is that they have completely based on the real-world experiences of the creator himself. 

5. ClickFunnels:


This is the last and yet the most important section of this book!

This section is a short piece of advertisement for the ClickFunnels.

You can even consider it as a form of software for the sake of creating different types of sales funnels explained in the book. 

This is a fascinating and much creative concept of creating some high-converting sales funnel to be a pro expert in this field ground.

This can be an expert who has already achieved so much high success in the online business and is willing to explain to you all the bits and pieces about it.

How Can You Make Money With DotComSecrets?

Make Money With DotComSecrets

Now the main question which probably hit so many minds is that how you can make handsome money through the DotCom Secrets Review book.

The simple and easiest approach to make money through this book is by following and implementing the basic strategies introduced in this DotCom Secrets Review book. 

One section of the book is based upon the creation of attractive characters and the use of soap opera sequences which is much needed in almost all online businesses. 

If you are looking ahead to sell something online, then implementing the strategies mentioned in this DotCom Secrets Review book about funnels should be your priority.  These strategies can help you to improve the level of your profits. 

We all know the fact that the DotCom Secrets Review book is accompanying the ClickFunnels ecosystem which is acknowledged to be the superlative affiliate program. 

Although you would not be earning any sort of commission on the front table, you can acquire a cookie if someone is purchasing the DotCom Secrets Review book through your mentioned link.  It is tested by customers and it is 100% legit!

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DotCom Secrets Pricing:

How Can You Make Money With DotComSecrets

All those people who have been looking forward to purchasing this DotCom Secrets Review book, are so much curious to know about its pricing as well.

Currently, this book is available for $11.34 at Amazon.  You can even choose the Kindle editing available for almost $8.69. 

But if you are purchasing this DotCom Secrets Review book through the official website, then you can buy it free of cost. 

You just have to pay for the shipping which makes around &7.95. 

We will highly recommend you to purchase it from the official website as this will enable you to even check out the 2-step Free plus shipping funnel in the action.   

You can get an idea about how the entire funnel works and the entire value which it provides as you pass through the funnel.


Well, this was the end of the discussion about the DotCom Secrets Review book! We are sure that you must have enjoyed reading about its secrets!

It is flooded with a bunch of impressive moments that will make you curious to purchase this book right now.

You will be surprised how the whole book has incorporated the online business in just a few pages for you. 

According to Russell, this book is a complete playbook so you should be reading it multiple times. 

Once you get the initial understanding, you should read it out one more time so you can know how the implementation of the strategies will be carried out.

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