How To Make Backlinks for Shopify Website: Ultimate Guide

Owns a Shopify website of your own.

Are you looking for the answer to the question “How to make backlinks for Shopify website”?

Then you indeed have landed in the right place.

Backlinks happen to be one of the most integral parts of your Seo Strategy. And with that being said, most of the eCommerce owners fail to get this step right.

The existing competition in an online space is incredibly way too ahead.

While opening up an eCommerce store of your own, you should consider that you would have to compete against the eCommerce giants such as Amazon and Walmart.

These are the names of the biggest trusted brands in the world.

Coming back to the topic, coming up with backlinks for your Shopify website, that too on your own, can prove to be a daunting task.

However, the correct type of guidance by your side, and you would surely be able to make premium backlinks for your Shopify website with ease.

Hence, moving straight towards making a backlink for his Shopify website, let’s get started with the initial stage first.

What Is A Backlink?


Putting up into simpler words, a backlink happens to be an incoming hyperlink that connects a website to another.

Lately, there are two types of backlinks. Each of them is explained below:

Nofollow Backlink:


Nofollow backlinks aren’t that kind of backlinks. Who would transfer any value from one website to another?

And with that being said, this is one of the reasons why search engines ignore Nofollow backlinks.

In addition to this, this type of backlink doesn’t play any part in your Seo strategy, neither it makes your Shopify website rank.

Dofollow Backlink:

Dofollow Backlink

Dofollow backlinks come in handy with great hidden pleasures for Shopify owners and surely would provide them with a profound experience.

Besides playing a vital role in increasing the visibility of the Shopify store, this Dofollow backlink also proves itself to be fruitful to make a website of the users rank.

Links that come from credible website tends to behold more value.

Unlike the links coming from unreliable sites, viewers are suspicious, and they usually refrain from clicking any of these suspicious links.

Why Are Backlinks Important For Your Shopify Store?

acklinks Important For Your Shopify Store

Backlinks play a vital role in upbringing your Shopify store as it makes a search engine aware that your website is authentic and highly credible.

The backlinks that one receives from an external website happens to act as evidence that the product or service being sold down on your Shopify store is a hundred percent legitimate and trustworthy.

Apart from this, one can improve DA and the ranking of your Shopify website by adding backlinks.

Not only this, but what counts to be the best part is that by the proper usage of the backlinks, your Shopify website would be indexed faster, and you would be getting more referral traffic from other websites.

Now, as you are aware that why backlinks happen to be essential for your Shopify store.

Here are the viable ways in which you can build backlinks of your own!

10 Super Easy Ways To Build Backlinks To Your Shopify Store:

Build Backlinks To Your Shopify Store

1. Blog Commenting:

Looking for the easiest way you can build a backlink to your Shopify store? Then blog commenting would surely suit best with your taste.

Once you survey the web, you would surely come across hundreds of relevant blogs.

These blogs allow you to comment and share your valuable feedback and insight with the blog owner.

Now, look for the blog pages on the web that supports Dofollow links.

The value of your Shopify website might be somewhat low, but something is better than nothing.

2. Interview Influencers In Your Niche:

Interview Influencers In Your Niche

Look around yourself, and you would surely see numerous authorities, including celebrities and authorities working in your Niche.

All you have to do is to interview them. Once you have recorded their interview, you now need to post that interview on your Shopify website.

Now share the link to the interview with the respected person.

In most cases, these famous influencers and celebrities share their interview on their social media platforms. 

And this is where you can build up a backlink for your Shopify website!

3. Get In The Press:

Have any links in your local publication or a large journalism channel?

Then what can prove to be a more profound way of building up a backlink for your Shopify website than directly contacting the channel to do the job for you?

Once any of your recorded interviews start being shown on the channels, your Shopify website would come in the visual observation of most people, including the authorities.

Apart from this, you would be able to get the attention of more prominent journalism portals, enhance your Shopify website’s reputation, and provide you with plenty of backlinks for your online store.

4. Build Internal Links:

Build Internal Links

Building up internal links and including them in your Shopify website plays a vital role in making your website look authentic to the user.

In addition to this, an internal link happens to be the best way one could provide his visitors with a pathway and navigate them within his website.

Many tools are readily available on the web that one can use to build internal links within his Shopify website.

5. Take Advantage Of Guest Posting:

The perks guest posting comes with can indeed be the best way to build a backlink for his Shopify website.

Apart from proving itself to be the best way to build backlinks, guest posting also proves itself to be the best way one could reach new audiences.

Now, guest posting is a process that’s favorable for both parties. 

By posting the content of the guest, the guest posting sites get fresh and engaging content daily, while you get a chance to engage their audience and bring organic traffic to your Shopify website.  

6. Get A Link From The Manufacturer:

Get A Link From The Manufacturer

Another most straightforward way to build backlinks for his Shopify website is by asking their vendors directly to do the job for you. 

Hence this is the step in which there’s no rocket science involved.  

What you have to do is to drop an email to your vendor simply and ask him to mark and include your Shopify website on their list of partners or retailers. 

This way, your Shopify store would come into visual consideration of the customers of your vendors, and in the future, if something comes up, they will hit your Shopify store for sure. 

7. Update And Publish Old Posts:

Creating and coming up with fresh, engaging, and value-driven content can prove a daunting task. 

Hence, according to the professionals, you shouldn’t let your previous hard-worked content go in vain. 

You can constantly update and republish your already published article in a different manner on your Shopify website.  

Doing this act would make your post reappear in front of your visitors and be the best source you can build up a backlink for your online store. 

Most online store owners think that content syndication is forbidden, and they might have to face severe consequences if they do such an act.

However, this isn’t the case, and you can continually syndicate your previous content to make your Shopify website stand out from the crowd.

8. Gain Valuable Backlinks Through Infographics:

Backlinks Through Infographics

Apart from making things easier for the user to read, infographics also allow users to build up a backlink for their Shopify website. 

Also, most successful owners use infographics on their website as it’s super easy to share them, and they deliver a good impression over your visitors. 

But what tends to be the real struggle one might have to go through is that while coming up with the infographics, one needs to make sure that his infographic should be of top-notch quality to view incredibly positive results.

9. Spy On Your Competitors:

If your goal is to drive organic traffic towards your Shopify website, then keeping the eyes on your competitors happens to be essential for you. 

Keep their social media in check, keep signing up for their newsletter, so you would be aware of what strategies they are using to build their backlink for their Shopify website. 

And then you can copy their ways to make your Shopify website stand out from the crowd.

10. Promote Your Content:

Promote Your Content

It doesn’t matter how engaging and how Seo-based content you have written for your Shopify website.

Until and unless that doesn’t appear in front of your viewers, it’s simply of no use.

Hence promote your content as much as you can. This way, you would be able to come in the visual observation of the people and would surely be able to build a premium backlink for your Shopify website!

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Final Thoughts!

“How to make backlinks for Shopify websites” tends to be the question that often leaves the eCommerce store owners astounded. 

This article comprises everything you might need to know about how to make backlinks for the Shopify website.  

The ways described above are tested and used by professionals to make their Shopify websites stand out from the crowd.

And we believe that after following the same path as the successful Shopify owners, you would surely be able to receive incredibly positive results!

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