Real Estate Backlinks: 10 Golden Sources To Dominate Your Market

If you are a realtor who is interested in growing the traffic on your website, then you cannot ignore the value and impact that will be brought by real estate backlinks. 

Having said that, here are 10 Real Estate SEO backlink sources in this article that you can exploit to dominate the market and have numerous leads! 

Real Estate SEO Backlink Sources To Win On Google:

Real Estate SEO Backlink

The key difference between real estate websites that generate traffic from Google and those that do not cause any traffic from Google is the use of real estate backlinks.

To continue ahead, Real Estate SEO backlink building is the name given to a process.

In this process, you get links to your website using other websites.

To help you understand real estate backlinks better, we are going to imagine as if the internet was a big popularity contest.

In our high school times, you must remember that you cast a vote for the student senate, right?

Now, the person with the most options used to win, right? What was the main reason for them winning?

Their Popularity. The winner would usually be very popular amongst the crowd.

Fast forward to the Internet. The Business model of the Search Engine giant is totally dedicated to giving customers what they want.

Google is known for offering the most informational and popular content.

Now, there are many ways when it comes to measuring the popularity of the website.

However, one simple way of doing that is by measuring the number of Real Estate Backlinks present on a real estate website.

Example of a Backlink Website:

Backlink Website

Let’s talk about Facebook. Although Facebook is not a Real estate website, it has a huge number of 32,348,008,110 backlinks.

We have provided these stats so that you focus on building your real estate backlink portfolio.

Nevertheless, Google is one of the most enhanced websites on the internet.

To clarify, Google immediately knows if you integrate fake or spam backlinks into your websites.

Sometime before, Google was not as thorough and you used to get a pass with spam or broken backlinks.

However, this issue has been attended to and Google detects them easily. Having said that, we are going to be showing the best 10 ways for realtors.

Through these 01 best ways, the realtors will be able to imminently get high-quality real estate backlinks to their websites.

This read is going to steer clear of all those old, worn-out tactics such as blog comments or building link pyramids to your website.

We have come up with ten of the most actionable real estate backlinks-building tactics you can use to improve your rating today.

Using Real estate Backlinks is bound to increase your position in the search results.

Giving to Local Charities: Building Real Estate Backlinks:

Building Real Estate Backlinks

As it happens, local charities happen to be a great venue to search for websites available in your city that link to the other websites.

One of the most impressive ways to do this is by offering to sponsor their website.

For instance, find out the top 10 charities in your city. Call them and offer to sponsor their website expenses for about a year.

The keeping costs will be very low, ie. $5 for a month for hosting and probably about $15 a year for the domain.

You could also offer them a little extra for some design. There are a lot of charities who have never received it in such a manner and it is highly possible that somewhere on the website it will be written: “Sponsored by ABC agent.”

Here, integrate the link to your website. Doing this can do great things for your website.

To conclude, this method is bound to work as Google gives specific weights to many different links.

Links that are located in the same geographic location worth more. Since local charities will be located in the same geographic location, your website will be more trusted by Google.

This increased trust will result in boosted domain authority, page authority, and better trust scores.

1. Using Links from your Strategic Business Partners:

Providing value to people on your email list by offering coupons to partnering local restaurants can help you generate Real estate backlinks.

A restaurant owner is highly likely to appreciate any promotion that you offer to them. Let’s say you were to promote their business to thousands of people that have subscribed to your email.

This business trade could also result in you generating some Real Estate backlinks.

To clarify, these real estate backlinks will be based in your local community but they will look amazing to Google.

As a matter of fact, the restaurant owner could even include a keyword in the link. This can give you an additional punch of SEO.

However, the main key to this strategy is that you offer a huge amount of value upfront to the partnering business owner.

You could try handing out gift cards to their restaurant and then, twice every year, you could promote them to your follower as you offer a special coupon.

When you offer so much, the business owner will not mind giving you some real estate backlinks.

2. Giving Testimonials for Real Estate backlinks:

Giving Testimonials for Real Estate backlinks

Doing a simple search on Google will review a few websites that include testimonials on them in the searcher’s local area.

For instance, if you were to use a plumber, you would go to Google’s search bar and type “Plumber [name of your city] testimonial”.

Trying this technique will list so many websites in your city that have reviews mentioned on them.

Most of these testimonials will also link back to the person who left the review.

Applying a similar technique can help you gain real estate Backlinks and is bound to improve your Google rankings as well.

Doing this is fairly simple. We prefer that you use this with at least 10 industries that you are regularly interacting with.

Doing so will give your website a few backlinks for a very low price tag.

A positive customer review is very beneficial for business owners and for a positive customer review, many of them will actively provide high-quality real estate backlinks to your website.

3. Using Honest Fiverr Blogger Backlinks:

We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that Fiverr is basically the black market when it comes to internet marketing.

This is so because a lot of stuff on Fiverr is spammy and it is highly possible that it can inflict some serious damage to your website’s SEO.

Every now and then, you will see many people lodging complaints about their SEO services.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to find high-quality real estate backlinks through Fiverr.

To do that, let’s try out this unique tactic:

  • Go to
  • Once the website opens, navigate to its search bar. 
  • In the search bar write “guest post real estate” or “real estate content post”.
  • They will bear more or less the same results. 
  • After search results return, sort the results by “new”.

Once you try this method out, you will see a list of web owners that are going to be willing to add their content and a backlink to your website.

However, you will have to write about 300 words for them to post. But, this happens to be a considerably easier method of getting real estate backlinks.

However, make sure that you only purchase gigs that look like a real person simply offering you a chance to guest post.

Avoid any gig that offers “Link Building”, “Link Pyramids”, etc. Using these kinds of gigs can get you in some deep trouble with Google.

This situation is not going to be ideal for your website.

4. HARO:


HARO, otherwise known as “Help a reporter out” is a free service that you can use to make Real estate backlinks.

The applicant will receive an email 3 times a day from HARO and every email will include variable requests for experts to give their opinion to a report.

Real Estate Agents are needed by reporters about 3 times a week, studying normal statistics.

In their emails, HARO makes it very simple to help the reporter out.

The Applicant has the option to write for about 10 minutes and then send the email to a specific reporter with your advice.

This is an amazing way to get an amazing real estate backlink to your website. 

5. Sponsor Schools:

The best kind of link you can get to your website is a link that ends with .edu. These kinds of links are trusted highly by Google.

In some cases, getting links ending with .edu is also very hard to get. In order to get these links, one of the easiest ways is through sponsorships.

Technically, you can find a sports time, music ensemble, or club in need of sponsors for their extracurricular activities.

The mentioned groups usually have a blog or a section on their website which is actively under their control and they make changes to it on a regular basis.

You’d be surprised to see how much difference can a donation of $50 dollars make on your business.

Sometimes, even donating $25 is more than enough for a website to offer a real estate backlink.

However, you must ensure that you write to the head of the club and find out whether or not they have any sponsorship opportunities available.

In many cases, a lot of clubs don’t have a formalized process.

This gives users the ability to suggest a dollar amount and exchange the link.

6. Out-Of-Business Link Building:

Out-Of-Business Link Building

This tactic depends on your awareness of the business community around you. Do you know any business that recently failed?

It is possible that the business owned a website and it also had several websites that linked to them.

Now, what you can do is write an email to the people that used to link to their website and tell them that they “update” their information by linking your website.

In this way, you will be helping webmasters in keeping their content updated as you also help your own website.

Now, when it comes to finding the websites of businesses that have run out of business, it can be done by following a rather simple tactic.

All you have to do is search for: “Link” + “URL of the Company”.

Doing this will show you all the websites that were linked to that other company’s website.

As for the second tactic, you will need to reproduce the content that was present on the other business’s website.

However, you will need to ensure that your content is better than the business that is out now.

This will ensure that the website owners have no reason to decline your request.

Moreover, not only will they be linking to an “old” website, they’re linking to a “worse” website. 

7. Teaming up with Local Newswriters:

HARO functions on a national level. However, your local writers could use some help too.

We suggest that you connect the maximum number of local writers on LinkedIn. It is very easy to send them a message and to keep tabs on what they are writing about.

However, you have to make sure that you do not start to pitch to them the very second that they connect with you.

In an alternative manner, show them some of the best articles that you have written on your blog.

When you send these blogs, send them a suggestion about how you would love to collaborate on your articles with them in case of an available opportunity.

And believe us, the opportunity will come. We live in a world where we get news 24/7. Due to this phenomenon, the amount of pressure on reporters is incredible.

Reporters have a need to produce so much unique content even after writer’s block sets in.

This way, you will receive so many mentions from many credible websites.

Some newspapers also give you the opportunity to “guest post” for some of the newspapers if you are producing quality content.

Following this tactic is bound to get you at least one real estate backlink. 

8. Poster Child!

Poster Child

Let’s go back to high school again. Do you happen to remember that child who was rather a teacher’s pet in school?

Well, it’s good that you do, since it’s time for you to be the same person to build some real estate backlinks.

You may not know, but your mentor, CRM provider, and Agency all have one thing in common.

They usually have a website with a lot of authority and require testimonials. If those people have helped you, tell them about it.

Write Emails to them at least once a week in which you show them how you have integrated their teachings into your business.

This strategy is one of the rarest options. The mentioned group of people are in dire need of content and social proof that their services and products are working.

When you try this out, they are likely to link back to you through a blog or a testimonial.

All you need to do is email them once a week.

9. Submitting to Audio Sharing Sites and Growing your Real Estate backlinks:

On the internet, there are only two kinds of links that you can find. The first one goes by the name of “Do-Follow” and the other one is identified as “No-Follow” links.

The links that identify as “No-Follow” links are from social networks and local listing pages.

For example, links from Yelp, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps are good examples of No-follow links.

To further clarify, No-follow links happen to be a perfect option in helping your customers and leads find you.

Nevertheless, Google officially positions Nofollow links in a way that they do not impact your SEO in any way.

The ones that count as real estate backlinks and do SEO of your website are known as Do-Follow real estate backlinks.

The tips mentioned above help you get do-follow links on your website.

However, there are a few Audi Sharing Websites. Using these websites will give you a fantastic do-follow link for creating a profile.

For example, all you have to do is record audio with your kids and upload it to the profile you have created with these websites.

The audio must not exceed the duration of more than five minutes, however.

To conclude, ensure that you place your URL in your profiles so that you can get a link from these high-ranked websites.

The Bottom Line!

Building real estate backlinks is one of the most time-consuming things that a business requires.

However, building real estate backlinks has its benefits as they bring in amazing dividends in the near future.

Now you know the importance of building Real Estate Backlinks. To help you build real estate backlinks, here are some tips.

Following these tips will ensure that you end up on the first page of Google and other search engines. You name it.

These strategies are also bound to produce results in a very short time and that’s how we know that they are worth trying!

Quit Waiting, and take action today by building out your link profile.

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