How To Install Red Dot Sight On Kimber 1911

A red dot sight has many benefits over iron sights, whether it is on a rifle or a handgun, or a pistol. 

The best feature is that you do not have to align a front and rear view, resulting in a much quicker acquisition of sight.

Generally, you also get a broader view of the sight, which assists in goal transitions.

In the last few years, optical-ready pistols have become more popular, and the shooting experience is really enhanced. Handgun optics enable shooters to extend the lifespan of accuracy and speed at which they can fire. 

The problem of trying to concentrate continuously on three objects at different distances, i.e., the target, the front view, and the rearview, is eliminated by optics, whether on handguns or rifles.

So, the question is, how to mount a red dot sight like Kimber, Colt, and others on a 1911 pistol?

Is the effort really worth it?

Which one is the best red dot sight in the market?

The response is that individuals can mill the slide, use a dovetail adapter plate, or purchase a ready 1911 optic.

To learn more, carry on reading.

Is it possible to put a Red Dot Sight on a classic 1911 handgun?

Is it possible to put a Red Dot Sight on a classic 1911 handgun?

The 911 pistol is a classic American weapon that many people enjoy.

It is a game-changer to aim it with a reflex optic.

It is easy to mount a red dot on a 1911 weapon, and through 3 different methods, the gun can accept a red dot sight:

  • Customized Milled Slide.
  • Rear Sight Dovetail Optic Mount.
  • Buy Optic Ready 1911 Right Out of The Box.

1911 For RDS, Slide Milling:

It can be expensive to mill the slide, and it’s a permanent change for only fitting one unique optic.

The optic lies low on the slide and feels and looks the best.

Before committing to this project, make sure you make up your mind on milking the slide.

They are MARRIED for life until it is milled for a specific RDS (Red Dot Sight).

Dovetail Sights Use-Replaces Rear Sight:

This is a non-permeable improvement and it’s more affordable for your gun.

Only remove the rear iron sight and add the adapter for the dovetail optic mount there.

There are several options out there, and most of them are for the Trijicon RMR, and the Trijicon AC32058 1911 Novak low mount is the best one I have found.

  • The Dovetail mount for the Leupold DeltaPoint is another choice since it is the 2nd most common red dot pistol sight.
  • The Vortex Razor mount is another one.

Top Optic Ready 1911 Handguns:

Optic-ready 1911 slides allow you to install red dot sight without any modification right out of the box.

The best thing is that the sight can also be removed and the cover plate reinstalled back on.

There aren’t a lot of great optics out there ready for 1911, and here are only a few that I like:

  • Kimber KHX Custom
  • STI DVC Omni
  • Springfield TRP
  • Nighthawk

Note: if you’re on a budget, these firearms are really costly, maybe consider only paying for a slide cut for around $300.

For 1911 pistols, which company does Slide Optic Cut?

For 1911 pistols, which company does Slide Optic Cut?

There are many businesses out there.

I bet they can mill the 1911 slides for an optic if they can make bunches of custom RDS-ready GLOCK slides.

I find the following services from all the facilities out there that offer excellent service and efficiency without being too costly.

  • ATEI
  • Primary Machine
  • NightHawk Custom – Offers a tray with slide cover

Wrapping It All Up!! 

Shooting 1911 handguns is a piece of art with a red dot sight!

This improves the speed and accuracy of target acquisition, particularly with the natural 1911 grip angle, the dot just appears off the draw right in front of you.

Any steel you strike is a rewarding feeling with the aid of using a reflex sight.

If you shoot 9mm or 45ACP, the experience with this classic pistol is greatly enhanced.

It’s time to bring out something new while all the striker-fired handguns like GLOCK are showing off their red dot sights!

The cheapest way to go is the rear sight dovetail optic mount, and slide cut is the second-best choice instead of spending $2500 or more on a 1911 pistol ready for optics.

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