Traffic Secrets Book Review & Cost By Russell Brunson

Are you ready to have a quick guide review about the Traffic Secrets Book review? Do you want to know what this book review is all about and what exactly it offers to you?

Right here we will have an in-depth Traffic Secrets Book review and will let you know why this book is so much worth using right now!

In this Traffic Secrets Book review guide, we will explain to you what sort of secrets are present in this book.

Plus we will guide you about the bonuses it offers and how this book is beneficial for you in terms of upselling!

If you are planning to purchase this Traffic Secrets Book review then make sure you don’t forget to read this review guide to know all the basics about this book.

What Are Traffic Secrets?

What Are Traffic Secrets

If you think that the traffic secrets book is similar to the traffic secrets course, then you are completely wrong with this concept.

There are a few considerations and valuables that completely make the whole two books different from one another.

Based on the fact that how valuable the course has been, this book is included with few basic aspects which are derived from the course. 

This Traffic Secrets Book review has been created by Russell Brunson and according to him, it took almost two years to complete this book for user convenience.

Russell is always known for delivering high-quality work and this book is its perfect example. 

As it is evident from the name, this Traffic Secrets Book review has its main focus on how you can fill your funnel and website with your dream customers.

As you start getting traffic, you can instantly generate some leads and sell extra services or products to earn a handsome amount of money. 

This whole Traffic Secrets Book review is divided into 3 main sections in which each section is based on 20 secrets for generating high traffic for your funnel or website. 

The main 3 sections are:

  1. Dream Customers
  2. Filling of your funnel
  3. Hacking growth

Right into this Traffic Secrets Book review, you won’t be able to get any sort of information related to the Facebook Ads editor or setting up the Google ads campaign. 

This is because all such systems have been constantly changing.  And this book is focusing on such strategies that do not change at all.

Hence, all in all, this Traffic Secrets Book review will teach you about how you can identify your dream customers. 

How you can work on your way, understanding the concept of buying, creating your very own platform of publishing, and building a distribution list.

Who Created Traffic Secrets?

Who Created Traffic Secrets

Many of you may no longer be conscious of the name of Russell Brunson! Well, he is the main creator of the Traffic Secrets Book review.

He stepped into the online world with his small business which he started at some stage in his university studies.

He used to promote DVDs and CDs alongside some t-shirts, shakes, or supplements.

He even co-founded Etison LLC where he launches our top profitable ClickFunnels software.

Plus he is additionally the founder of the ecosystem around the software program which is based totally upon facts products, stay events and books.

According to the trendy Forbes report, Etison, LLC is presently having an enterprise rating of 360 million dollars.

Plus the amazing truth is that the entire business/company is self-funded.

How Much Is The Book?

How Much Is The Book

Now, as if you are considering purchasing this Traffic Secrets Book review it is important to get quick know-how about how much it cost for you. 

This book is available free of cost whereas shipping cost is included. You have to pay a shipping cost which is around $9.95 for the US people.

For international orders, the shipping cost will be $19.95. 

Does it include some upsells? Yes, it is presenting the users with some upsells as well once you have purchased the book. 

  • The audiobook of traffic secrets has a price of $37 
  • Traffic Secrets live event cost around $97
  • Box set which is included with Dotcom secrets updated version, Traffic secrets, experts secrets updated version, and with Unlock the Secrets + OFA digital version will cost around $197
  • Funnel tracking software has cost $397

How You Can Order the Traffic Secrets Book?

You can place your orders for Traffic Secrets Book review through different platforms and each platform has a different price range.

By placing an order through the official website, you can get it free with the shipping charges of $9.95. 

You can also place your orders from the websites of Amazon, Book a Million, Barnes and Nobel, and Hudson Booksellers.

Each one of them is having a different price range for the buyers. 

What’s Inside Traffic Secrets Course?

What’s Inside Traffic Secrets Course

This Traffic Secrets Book review is based on so many courses and strategies.

Inside this course, few major and basic strategies available in the form of modules are as mentioned below:

Module No 1: Foundation:

As it is evident from the name, this module is the basis of the course foundation which is explaining to you all the strategies related to the course.

It highlights the basic concepts related to the target market, branding, or domain names. 

Module no 2: Market Discovery:

This second module in the Traffic Secrets Book review will let you know about all the basics which are needed for targeting any market. 

This will let you learn about how you can target a market and what major elements are needed for it. 

Plus, it will even let you know about what sort of ad copy the customers will respond to and how you can keep your customers updated with the latest trends. 

Plus, John will equally help you to learn about the use of the Google Trends tool for identifying gaps inside the market.

Module No 3: Secrets of Copywriting:

Secrets of Copywriting

For any small or large business setup, copywriting plays an important role.

If you are having a horrible sales copy then getting high traffic would be impossible for you.

This will end you with the results of not making enough sales. 

Right through this Traffic Secrets Book review module, you can learn some major secrets about writing up an excellent marketing copy. 

Although this module is not explained in in-depth detailing, still it is useful to go through its main secrets!

Module No 4: Science of Keyword:

This module of the book is covering the major aspects of keyword science. 

You can know some major concepts of keyword targeting, keyword research along identifying keyword intent. 

Plus, right through this module, you will be introduced to some major tools of keyword research including Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and so many more. 

Information given away in this module is fully outdated. To learn the core concepts of keyword science, do not skip this module.

Module No 5: Tactics of Email Marketing:

Tactics of Email Marketing

The next module is about knowing the main tactics of email marketing! 

To acquire the scale of high traffic, email listing is all in all considered to be one of the most valuable assets for any business. 

Therefore, you need to know about how email marketing can be grown and take care of it. 

You can learn about all those strategies which can work for you in your email marketing task.  It will guide you about automating email campaigns and generating maximum traffic through your email list over your site. 

Module No 6: Borrowing the Traffic:

The next module in this Traffic Secrets Book review course is about borrowing the traffic!

Yes, you can borrow the traffic through the follow-up of a few basic and core strategies. 

With this module, you can learn how you can get extra traffic for your websites or the influencers over the internet.

Until and unless the traffic has not to be converted, you don’t need to pay any sort of extra charges. It is a sort of affiliate marketing.

Through this affiliate marketing, you can generate maximum traffic for your site in a completely cost-effective procedure.

Module No 7: Amazon & Shopping Engines:

Amazon & Shopping Engines

This module is included with basic tactics that can be extremely effective for you to generate high e-commerce traffic. 

Through this module, you can learn about using different Amazon’s product advertising APIs for boosting the overall credibility of the e-commerce sites. 

Once you have joined Amazon’s affiliate program, you can, later on, embed the major product listings right on your site. 

This module will let you know about how you can get some basic e-commerce products over your shopping sites or leverage your kindle books on Amazon for generating extra and free opt-in leads on your autopilot.

Module No 8: Traffic for Formulas:

The reason why this module has been so much important is that it will guide you about all basic driving theories for generating extra traffic. 

It will initially guide you to three major ways to successfully grow your business such as increasing your traffic volume, lower the cost per visitor, and raising your average visitor cost. 

Module No 9: Sponsorship & Buying Media:

This module 9 in the coursebook will help you to know about how you can buy media ads or sponsorships. 

John will guide you about how you can acquire ads running through major websites such as Fox News, ESPN, and CNN

Plus, you can also learn some techniques and strategies for running ads such as buttons, text ads, banner ads, sponsorships, and so on. 

You can even know about how you can get the best-performing media creatives in comparison with your competitors.

Module No 10: Google Adwords:

This module of Google Adwords is considered to be one of the most major modules in the Traffic Secrets membership course.

It is included with 2 dozen individual lessons related to how you can master and leverage yourself in Google Adwords to drive extra traffic for your site. 

Besides, this module can also guide you to earn a superior score in favor of your major landing pages.

Plus you can also drive maximum laser-targeted traffic and get guidance about using different keywords. 

Module No 11: Broadcasts & Podcasts:

The next most important module is about podcasts and broadcasting with which you can drive extra traffic on your site. 

This module will guide you with all the basics which are needed to start any podcast and make it useful for driving extra traffic on your funnels. 

You will be explained how you can hack the Apple iTunes podcast directory and yet rank it at the top.

Module No 12: Mobile App Marketing:

Mobile App Marketing

People have been using mobile apps on daily basis.  It is being used by billions of people all over the world as the source of advertising and marketing your business services. 

Through this module, you will be able to learn about how you can easily use some mobile apps for driving extra traffic towards your sales funnel or landing pages. 

Besides, you can also learn about how mobile apps are made and how you can achieve maximum email subscribers.

Plus, you can also learn about ranking your app on the top listing of the App Store to get more buyers.

Note: If you are serious about instantly generating some leads you SHOULD BUY this book.


Well, this was the end of the discussion about the Traffic Secrets Book review!

This whole booklet is flooded with a bunch of extraordinary moments that will make you curious to buy this book right now. 

You will be amazed by how the entire book has integrated the online commercial enterprise in simply a few pages for you.

According to Russell, this book is an entire playbook so you have to be analyzing it more than one time. 

Once you get the preliminary understanding, you have to examine it one greater time so you can understand how the implementation of the techniques will be carried out.

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